Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The Princess cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes for an engagement ring. It disperses light more so than many other shapes but its four corners give it a more contemporary look and feel. A princess cut diamond is formed like a pyramid; it has four bevelled sides, creating a square or rectangular face which point downwards when face-up.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Why Princess?

A unique arrangement of the facets reflect light towards the centre of the diamond which causes a high degree of light reflection that gives the stone lots of fire and brilliance. This cut was created in the 1970s, and has rapidly increased in popularity as an elegant diamond shape. Admired for its streamlined angles that create beautiful scintillation, the Princess Cut diamond makes a perfect diamond when looking for something extra special

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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Did you know?

Princess Cut diamonds have seen increased popularity of recent years as the appreciation of the precision and angles of the cut has increased. Celebrities like Sarah Michelle Geller, Hillary Duff and Kendra Wilkinson all sport this unique cut.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Diamond Facet Structure

The typical Princess cut diamond will have either 57 or 76 facets and can be cut in either a square or rectangular shape. For those looking for a square Princess cut, you would need to select a ratio of 1.00 to 1.05 and for a rectangular cut – anything above 1.05.


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