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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A fairly modern and contemporary cut, the streamlined angles of a princess diamond disperse light more so than many other shapes, while its four corners give it a distinct, geometrical look.

Natural White Gold (18k) Princess
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A princess cut diamond is formed like a pyramid. Created in the 1970s, it appears to be square or rectangular when viewed from above, but it has four bevelled sides. This style disperses a greater amount of light than other square and rectangular shapes due to the unique arrangement of the facets, which gives the stone a lot of fire and brilliance. There are normally 57 or 76 facets.

Some diamonds contain inclusions (imperfections), although these aren’t always apparent to the naked eye. Others have no noticeable characteristics (i.e. they are “eye clean”). How you feel about inclusions is down to personal preference.

Not only is a princess cut engagement ring beautiful, it is also excellent value. Princess cut diamonds produce the least amount of waste when they are polished and cut. They can be arranged next to each other without any gaps, so they’re ideal for wedding bands or eternity bands as well as square engagement rings. They’re also the perfect choice if you’re looking for something clean, angular and modern, without sacrificing elegance or that extra special touch.

When was the princess cut diamond invented?

The princess cut diamond as we know it today was created in 1979 by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz. But the name “princess cut” was once used to refer to another shape known as the “profile cut”, which was designed by Arpad Nagy in 1961.

How much are princess cut diamonds worth?

The price of a princess cut diamond depends on several factors, including:

  • Number of carats – our princess cut diamonds start at 0.25ct and go up to 3.00ct.
  • Colour – how much of a yellow tint a white diamond possesses. The GIA certificates them on a scale, from D (colourless) to Z (light tint). A white diamond with a Z rating will still be considered white, not yellow. Coloured diamonds are rated using a different scale.
  • Clarity – whether the diamond has any inclusions. The GIA certificates them on a scale, from FL (flawless) to SI2.
  • Cut – whether the diamond has been cut to reflect all the brightness, fire, and scintillation it can offer. We rate them on a scale (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor).
  • The price for a loose princess cut diamond starts at around £315 and can go up to over £11,000. Princess cut diamonds can cost less than round diamonds because they produce less waste during the cutting process.

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