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Design the perfect symbol of lasting love and commitment. Choose the understated elegance of a classic wedding band, or add a touch of brilliance through our diamond-set designs.

Wedding Rings

Design the perfect symbol of lasting love and commitment. Choose the understated elegance of a classic wedding band, or add a touch of brilliance through our diamond-set designs.

Design the perfect symbol of lasting love and commitment. Choose the understated elegance of a classic wedding band, or add a touch of brilliance through our diamond-set designs.

The round, infinite circle of a ring is one of the oldest symbols in the world, and represents an eternal, lifelong bond shared between two people. The tradition of wearing rings as a token of lasting companionship dates back to ancient Egypt, where couples were thought to wear braided rings made out of hemp and reeds. It was believed there existed a vein in the fourth finger that connected straight to the heart, the “Vena Amoris”, and could explain why we wear rings on the fourth finger today.

Choosing a wedding ring is a significant step when planning your special day, and getting the most comfortable fit is key. Although the style of a wedding band is often clean and classic, certain clients like to personalise their item or opt for a more ornate eternity design to match their engagement ring.

Wedding Ring Styles


With a curved inner and outer surface, the classic court offers great comfort and wearability, and is one of the most popular ring styles for both men and women.

Soft Court

A modern take on the traditional court, the soft court features a flatter outer surface, while keeping a slight curve and rounded finish for comfort.


This ring has a curved outer appearance and a flat surface on the inside. If the band were to be cut in a cross-section, it would resemble the letter “D”. A traditional and popular style, this ring will fit more closely to the wearer’s finger.

Flat Court

With a smooth outer surface, the flat court offers sleek and contemporary style, while still keeping the comfort of a curved inner surface. This type is best paired with platinum, palladium or while gold metal.

Depth and Width

Choosing the correct depth and width of your wedding ring is an important step in finding the most appropriate and comfortable fit. Both these measurements go hand in hand, and we generally recommend they be proportionate. Depth refers to the thickness of the band, measured from light to heavy, while its width is measured in millimeters.

The most popular width chosen by women is around 2mm to 4mm, and men tend to choose a larger 5mm to 7mm. Generally, it is best to select a depth and a width that will complement the size of your fingers. Slender hands will suit a thinner band, and larger hands will generally suit wider, heavier rings. There are no set rules, however, and you can choose any width you like, provided it is available in your ring size.

To find the perfect fit, we recommend you try on a set of wedding rings at one of our showrooms.


Yellow Gold

The epitome of a classic style, a yellow gold wedding ring is a glowing symbol of shared love and trust. Pure gold is naturally yellow, and very malleable. To make a ring more durable, it is necessary to mix the gold with alloy metals. We offer 18-karat gold rings (75% gold), for the perfect compromise of vivid colour and durability.

White Gold

The reflective quality of white gold makes it a fitting option to pair with a diamond engagement ring, as it enhances the brilliance of diamonds. To achieve a gleaming colour, these rings are plated with rhodium. After years of use, your ring will need to be replated to restore it to its original state.

Rose Gold

The soft pink of a rose gold ring is both warm and romantic. Often favoured by women, rose gold can also be a fitting option for men when paired with more industrial, geometric ring designs.


A more durable alternative to gold, platinum is a bright, reflective metal that is often used to showcase the natural brilliance of diamonds. Women choose platinum rings to match the scintillation of their engagement ring, but platinum is also a fitting choice for gentlemen looking for quality and resistance to wear.


Palladium is a naturally white coloured metal, and much like platinum, it is both durable and hypoallergenic. The difference between these two metals resides in their weight. A palladium ring weighs less and will feel lighter on your finger.

White Gold vs. Platinum

In terms of colour, white gold and platinum are virtually identical, and both are intensely bright. So, what makes them so different? The answer lies in their composition. To obtain its colour, white gold is alloyed with other metals such as silver, zinc or nickel, and then coated in rhodium.

Platinum, on the other hand, is naturally white, and a ring marked 950 is 95% pure platinum. Both rings are durable, with platinum being slightly more resistant. Over time, you will need to replate a white gold ring, while a platinum ring will need to be polished to remove any surface imperfections (known as “patina”). In terms of pricing, white gold is more lightweight than platinum and therefore more affordable.

When it comes down to it, both are excellent metals and there is no wrong choice in purchasing either. To know which to choose, it’s best to understand what is more important to you: is it affordability, durability, or perhaps the amount of aftercare involved? Our team of jewellery consultants will happily guide through these options, so be sure to contact us with any queries.

Finish and Engravings

Wedding bands represent a shared journey, an unbreakable bond, and a bright future ahead. Your rings will be cherished for years to come and will eventually be passed down through generations, so it’s only natural you would want to add a personal touch.


Engrave a message in your ring that has meaning to you. Whether a significant date, a name, or a simple word, you can personalise your wedding band with any message you like. If you think you may need to resize your ring, it’s best to ask for an engraving once you have the correct size, as we are unable to resize engraved rings.


Add a finish to your ring for a distinctive style. We offer a range of finishes, the most popular being the brushed, hammered and satin effect. A brushed finish will give a slightly matt quality to your ring design, with small brush-like marks, while a hammered design will create a soft, dimpled surface on the band. You can contact our team of experts for more details on engraving and finishes.

What About Matching Bands?

In the past, husbands and wives would usually wear similar looking gold wedding rings. Today, however, there is more opportunity to be creative with your jewellery design and choose rings that suit you. Some couples like to have similar engravings, metals or finishes, and even themed wedding bands: the choice is entirely up to you. If you would like a more standout design, be sure to contact our bespoke service to create your one-of-a-kind piece.

Many women like to have their wedding band match their engagement ring, and will often choose a similar metal colour. If you prefer a more ornate diamond set design to match the brilliance of your engagement ring, take a look at our handcrafted collection of diamond eternity rings

Men’s Diamond Set Rings

The brilliance of an eternity ring can also be matched with our breathtaking set of diamond eternity rings, made for gentlemen. These rings can be worn on your wedding day or simply as a standout piece that reveals individuality and style.

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