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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings combine the style of the round brilliant and the marquise. They are sometimes referred to as teardrop engagement rings due to the unique cut of the diamond, which has a rounded end and comes to a single point.

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Pear shaped diamonds can be cut in different ways. Sometimes they have a large bezel facet at the point, or the point can be cut with a French tip. This means the stone has more facets at its tip, giving it a star-like finish. A French tip can also make a diamond more durable – a good option if it’s going to be worn every day on an engagement ring.

The ideal ratio of a pear shaped diamond is 1.45 to 1.55, which maintains the beauty and balance of the stone facets. However, this is largely a matter of personal preference. A 1.70 ratio, for example, will give a slightly elongated point to the stone. There are normally 58 facets in total. The best pear shaped diamonds have good symmetry, with the point lined up with the apex of the rounded end, which should be smooth and semi-circular.

The ring can be worn with the narrow end pointing away or towards the wearer’s hand. The more accentuated the pear shaped diamond, the more it elongates their fingers. Elegant and flattering, a pear shaped engagement ring is an excellent choice that can be customised to suit the individual.

What do pear shaped diamonds mean?

Pear shaped diamonds have long been associated with royalty and nobility. The world’s largest diamond is pear-shaped, and features in the Crown Jewels of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth Taylor was also the owner of a pear shaped diamond engagement ring, which weighed 69.42 carats.

When did pear shaped diamonds become popular?

The pear shaped diamond was created in 1458 by Lodewyk van Berquem in Bruges, Belgium. Jewellers would use them in pendants before they were gradually incorporated into rings. They are now a popular choice for those who want sophisticated and timeless jewellery.

How much are pear shaped diamonds worth?

The cost of a pear shaped diamond depends on cut, clarity, carat and where it falls on the colour scale. Diamonds with a D-F rating (cooler shades) are more expensive, although the differences between these and the warmer shades with a G-H rating are small. The price of a loose pear shaped diamond starts at around £220 for a colourless or near-colourless 0.18 carat stone.

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