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White Gold Eternity Rings

White gold is a fitting choice when it comes to diamond eternity rings, as the whiteness of the metal complements and reflects the brilliance of diamonds.

White Gold (18k)
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The ideal companion to diamonds, white gold provides a crisp, silvery finish to your ring design and helps accentuate the brilliance of gems. Due to its classic appeal, this precious metal is one of the most popular options for eternity designs.

Why choose white gold?

White coloured metals are often chosen for eternity rings as they are both versatile and ideal to pair with diamonds. The reflective sheen of white gold artfully reflects light and helps amplify the brilliance and sparkle of your ring.

Pure gold is naturally yellow and quite soft, meaning it can easily dent and bend. To strengthen the metal and obtain a white colour, other metals such as palladium and silver need to be added as alloys. Our 18-karat white gold eternity rings contain 75% pure gold, creating the perfect balance of quality, colour and strength.

To obtain a reflective white finish, white gold rings are coated with a rare metal called rhodium. Depending on the wear of the ring, a rhodium plating can rub down after one to two years and reveal a slight yellow hue. Most don’t mind this as it gives the ring a vintage appeal. However, you can bring your ring in to be replated by our expert jewellers and have it restored to its original colour.

The fresh white colour of this precious metal complements all skin tones, regardless of whether you have a cool or warm complexion. With a similar colour to platinum, white gold is also one of the most affordable options when it comes to white metals, as it weighs less.

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