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Our story, inspired by yours.

From online retailer to established international brand, our story has been inspired by our team’s shared passion for creating jewellery of the finest quality, providing impeccable customer care and crafting heartfelt stories into timeless reality.

Our Artistry, Your Vision

Together we’ll craft the ultimate gesture.
One as unique as its wearer.

77 Diamonds is the home of custom handcrafted engagement rings and fine jewellery. Here, you can rely on service that is entirely personalised. Whether you choose to design on our award-winning website, visit one of our international showrooms, or book a one-to-one appointment in our iconic Mayfair atelier: our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our promise? The finest master craftsmanship for the fairest price. Honest guidance and dedication to conflict-free, responsible sourcing. And with our unrivalled access to the most extraordinary diamonds and gemstones in the world: the stone of their dreams is yours to find.

We tailor each piece in line with your vision, for a gesture that is made to love. Together we’ll share the moments that matter: engagement and beyond.

Whether you choose to design on our award-winning website or book a one-to-one consultation in our iconic Mayfair headquarters or Manchester showroom: our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Top Tier Diamonds

Innovators at heart.

Our tale is testament to how purpose and entrepreneurial vision can change an industry. We wanted to create a new way to buy the finest diamonds and custom-made jewellery, inspired by the belief that our clients deserve fairer markups and unparalleled power of choice.

Co-founders Tobias Kormind and Vadim Weinig
Co-founders Tobias Kormind and Vadim Weinig

In 2005, our Co-Founders Vadim Weinig and Tobias Kormind joined forces to create 77. Vadim, the third generation of a renowned diamond merchant family, provided our heritage, trade knowledge and unwavering dedication to ethics and transparency. It was Tobias’ blue-chip investment background that shaped our novel approach, and his command of the online luxury market that formed 77’s unique understanding of the emotional legacy embodied in every jewel.

Our expert team quickly grew, developing an intelligent direct-to-source model and a cutting-edge platform for online design. We were among the very first of our kind when we launched, at a time when online jewellers were in their infancy. And we’re still winning digital innovation awards today. The 2013 opening of our iconic Mayfair showroom marked a turning point: we were no longer the jewellery industry’s best-kept secret.

Today, we are proudly Europe’s foremost online diamond jeweller, offering unrivalled access to the world’s finest certificated diamonds. As the years go by, we continue to grow and innovate, but our ethos remains the same: we stand for artistry, excellence and a mission to be the fairest of them all.

The Promise In Our Name

Why 77 Diamonds? Our name is inspired by a legend: the first recorded diamond ring proposal by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy. The year was 1477.

A bridal couple
Source: Wikipedia

This historic moment would live on to shape the meaning of diamonds in modern culture forever. From that day on, they became the ultimate symbol of devotion, everlasting.

We craft one-of-a-kind jewellery to embody the moments that matter most. Captured in each 77 diamond is the promise of your love and a legacy that stands the test of time.

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