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Experience lasting grace through diamond-set eternity rings. From subtle claw-sets to elaborate designs, find in our selection the ideal gift or the perfect fit to your engagement ring.

Eternity Rings

Experience lasting grace through diamond-set eternity rings. From subtle claw-sets to elaborate designs, find in our selection the ideal gift or the perfect fit to your engagement ring.

Experience lasting grace through diamond-set eternity rings. From subtle claw-sets to elaborate designs, find in our selection the ideal gift or the perfect fit to your engagement ring.

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With diamonds set across the band, an eternity ring represents unity, connection and everlasting companionship. Eternity rings differ from the more traditional wedding band as they hold intricate, diamond-set designs, and although they are usually worn by women, certain diamond sets also exist for men.

Often worn as wedding rings, the detailed design of an eternity ring will amplify and complement the brilliance of a diamond engagement ring. Eternity rings can also be gifted to celebrate the arrival of a newborn, a new achievement, or to symbolise true commitment and affection.

Eternity Ring Settings

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Why choose a claw setting?

A claw set, otherwise known as a pavé setting, places individual diamonds between small rounded claws or prongs, securing them in the ring design. This type of setting is particularly popular in eternity rings as it adds to a diamond’s sparkle.

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Why choose a channel setting?

A vision of elegance, a channel set eternity ring places diamonds between two strips of metal, securing them in place and removing the need for claws. By placing diamonds side-by-side, they form one continued movement which increases brilliance and clarity.

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Our inspirations

Whether inspired by artistic movements, vintage fashion or simply by the world that surrounds us, our in-house team of designers have created a collection of eternity rings with unique character, made to complement your individuality and style.

Ring Designs To Suit All Tastes

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Vintage Rings

Vintage eternity rings usually have a more ornate appearance, with milgrain detailing and a variety of diamond shapes added around the band. Our pieces are mostly influenced by Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco movements, and offer a sense of timeless style.

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Curved Rings

Presenting a slight bend in the upper half of the band, curved eternity rings are designed to sit flush against an engagement ring, without leaving any noticeable gaps. This helps amplify the brightness of both your rings, for a stunning finish.

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Knife-Edge Bands

A knife-edge means that your band is raised and comes to a slight point. Rings that feature a knife-edge allow for greater dimension and structure. This style works well on more linear, geometric designs, with diamonds featuring on both sides of the knife-edge.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

If you are wearing your eternity ring as a wedding band, the tradition is to have it sit right under the engagement ring, on your fourth finger. By placing a wedding ring closest to your heart, it shows that you value shared commitment and trust above everything else. Today, however, couples tend to wear their jewellery in whichever way they prefer, and some women don’t even wear their eternity rings on the fourth finger. It's always best to choose a placement that suits your unique taste and style, and not follow rules too closely!

What Diamonds Are Used?

What Diamonds Are Used?

There is a great variety of diamond shapes used in eternity ring designs, the most popular being the round brilliant. By easily capturing light, this shape offers a high level of scintillation and clarity.

Baguette diamonds are also used and mostly feature in channel set designs to create a mesmerising effect of rippled reflections throughout the band. Round brilliants and baguette diamonds can sometimes be combined to create a more defined, geometrical style.

Aside from these two shapes, other diamonds can be found in certain designs, such as the princess or the pear cut.

Half Eternity vs. Full Eternity Rings

Half Eternity vs. Full Eternity Rings

It’s one of the first questions that come up when choosing an eternity ring. Should you go for a full set of diamonds, or settle on a half-set band? Both options are worthwhile, depending on what look you prefer and how you plan to wear the ring.

Full-set diamond eternity rings are bright and luxurious, with scintillating diamonds placed all around your finger. These rings make for great standout pieces, and are perfect for special occasions.

Half-set eternity rings are a more fitting choice if you plan to wear your jewellery on a day-to-day basis, as the metal half of the ring will be more resistant to shock and wear. These rings are also a good option to pair with a diamond engagement ring.


Yellow Gold

The warmth of yellow gold gives a glowing finish to your ring, and suits many skin tones. With a slight vintage feel, yellow gold can be paired with a range of ring designs and will help accentuate diamond clarity.

White Gold

White gold is an excellent and popular choice when it comes to eternity rings, as the whiteness of the metal complements and reflects the brilliance of diamonds. Our white gold rings are all 18-karat, and coated in rhodium for added protection and durability.

Rose Gold

This metal offers a more contemporary style and envelops the brightness of diamonds in a warm, blushing hue. Rose gold is alloyed with copper to achieve its colour, making the metal slightly more durable.


Platinum is as popular as white gold, and the reflective qualities of this metal amplify the brightness of diamonds. This metal has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and slightly more durable, although your ring may still need to be polished after years of continued wear.

Can Eternity Rings Be Resized?

Eternity rings can be resized, provided they are only half-set with diamonds. If diamonds are set around the whole band, the ring will be impossible to resize and will have to be exchanged for a similar ring. If you don’t know your ring size, be sure to look through our helpful guide or contact our team.


Similar to wedding bands, our eternity rings can be engraved with any message you like, provided it can fit on the band and be readable. Customers often choose to have a significant date included inside their band, or the name of a loved-one. To know what type of message is possible depending on your ring choice, we suggest you contact our team of jewellers.

If you think you may need to resize your ring, it’s best to ask for an engraving once you have the correct size, as we are unable to resize engraved rings.

Gemstone Eternity Rings

Gemstone Eternity Rings

Adding gemstones to your eternity ring is a great option if you are looking for meaningful touch. Not only does this make for stunning, vibrant jewellery, gemstones are also very symbolic. Whether you want your eternity ring to represent trust, passion, love or even hope, you can make it fit your true narrative.

Learn more about the symbolism of gemstones through our helpful guide and contact our bespoke team to start creating your unique piece.

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