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Cupid’s Ideal

The Heart of Perfection

Your jewellery reveals a story only you can tell. By choosing a Cupid’s Ideal diamond as your centre stone, you are opting for unparalleled brilliance that matches the beauty of your moment.

Each Cupid’s Ideal diamond is meticulously cut and evaluated by experts to reach the perfect measure of symmetry and sparkle. Unrivalled, it is completely ideal.

Hearts & Arrows

Cupid’s Ideal diamonds hit the target when it comes to fire, sparkle and brilliance. These gems have perfect symmetry and, because of this, hold a distinct hearts and arrows pattern. When a Cupid’s Ideal diamond is viewed from above, a clear arrow pattern pointing outwards appears. Look at it from below, and an intricate heart shape pattern emerges around the pavilion. Alternating between bright and dark areas, the contrasting light offered by hearts and arrows accentuates a diamond’s sparkle, while also adding a meaningful touch to your jewellery.

Eight Hearts

Eight Arrows

Beyond Excellence

All Cupid’s Ideal diamonds are independently graded by the GIA, and have the highest level of symmetry, polish and cut. This rare grading is called “XXX” and is a sign of superlative quality in a diamond.

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Our Cupid’s Ideal diamonds can be found in round, cushion, radiant, oval and heart shapes.






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