A symbolic gift, our eternity rings pair craftsmanship with high-quality diamonds to create that ultra-special keepsake.

Channel Set Eternity Rings

Placing diamonds between two thin bands, a channel set eternity ring creates one continued movement of brilliance and clarity throughout your ring design.

A vision of elegance, a channel set eternity ring places diamonds between two strips of metal, securing them in place and removing the need for claws. By placing diamonds side-by-side, they form one continued movement which increases brilliance and clarity.

Why choose a channel setting?

A more contemporary choice to the claw setting, a channel set eternity ring also offers great versatility. This design gained popularity in the late 1980s and has been a favoured choice for many looking for a different take on eternity ring designs.

The elongated baguette diamonds are most often used in channel set rings as they neatly interlink when placed side by side. Their step-cut also allows for a mesmerising effect of rippled light to flicker throughout the band, offering great clarity and a modern take on vintage Art Deco fashion.

The nature of channel set rings means you can choose from a wide range of diamond cuts and shapes. For added sparkle, opt for a channel set ring with round brilliant diamonds or a row of princess cut gems. Two different diamond shapes can also be featured in the same design to create an intriguing display of light reflections.

Channel set eternity rings are also more secure, and will not snag on clothing. The thin strips of metal keep the diamonds in place and protect them from knocks and damage. This makes these rings ideal for daily wear, and for those who often do manual work.

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