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Experience lasting grace through diamond-set eternity rings. From subtle claw-sets to elaborate designs, find in our selection the ideal gift or the perfect fit to your engagement ring.

Rose Gold Eternity Rings

For a glowing, contemporary finish to your eternity ring design, opt for the soft, warm tones of rose gold.

For a glowing, contemporary finish to your eternity ring design, opt for the soft, warm tones of rose gold.

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Rose Gold (18k)

Soft and delicate, the warm glow of rose gold will give unique character to your ring design and provide a beautiful contrast to diamonds. First seen in Imperial Russia, this precious metal is now used in many ring settings and has become synonymous with lasting romance.

Why choose rose gold?

Why choose rose gold?

Rose gold first appeared in 19th-century Russia and quickly rose to popularity among nobility, in part due to its use by the famous jewellery creator Carl Fabergé. More recently, the trend for mixing metals brought rose gold to the fore.

To achieve a glowing pink hue, pure gold must be mixed with a copper alloy. The colour of this metal will depend on the amount of copper used. Our 18-karat rose gold eternity rings contain 75% pure gold, allowing for rare warmth and a delicate rose blush.

Rose gold will create good contrast and a glowing setting for white diamonds, magnifying their splendour. This precious metal is also ideal for ring designs that will be worn on a day-to-day basis, as the very nature of the metal makes it durable and resistant to wear.

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The pink hue of rose gold will complement many skin tones, and will stand out especially well against warmer complexions. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose to mix a rose gold eternity ring with other metals for more dimension. Due to its warmth, rose gold goes particularly well with yellow gold.

Because a rose gold eternity ring is romantic and delicate, it is an ideal token of love to be worn on your wedding day. However, these rings also can symbolise a new achievement or celebrate the arrival of a newborn.

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