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Diamond Education:

Diamond Education:

In order to get the perfect diamondfor your engagement ringsthere are several factors to consider.You’ve read about the 4Cs of diamondeducation but let us guide youthrough our 7Cs to helpyou find the one.

In order to get the perfect diamond for your engagement rings there are several factors to consider. You’ve read about the 4Cs of diamond education but let us guide you through our 7Cs to help you find the one.

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Pretty things may come in small boxes, but what’s in those boxes better be big. That is, yes, size does matter. However - carat weight is not the same thing as size - how large a diamond appears is also dictated by other factors such as shape and cut, so it is important to understand carat weight beyond the value it is generally and often mistakenly ascribed.

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Far more than simply what shape a rough diamond has been polished into, the cut is the most important determiner of a diamond’s brilliance and light dispersion. Diamond cutting is an art requiring meticulous precision, and knowing how it all works is essential to making the right choice

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Colour grades actually refer to a lack of colour in a diamond, with the whitest grade being D, and that’s D for most desirable. However, even experts sometimes fail to tell the difference between some clarity grades, so unless it’s important for you what the letter on the certificate reads, you can often get away with lower grades

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Almost all diamonds have small impurities or “inclusions,” but they are not always visible to the naked eye. The size and location of the inclusions play a significant role in determining the price of a diamond so it is important to understand clarity grades in order to make the most suitable choice.

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Diamond certificates are issued to confirm a stone's technical characteristics, value and identity, but it is important to know and understand the differences between the grading bodies as they operate on difference standards.

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Contour (shape)

Elegant or eccentric, sparkly or subtle? From the ever popular round brilliant to the more unusual Marquise cut, diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and there is sure to be one to suit every taste and style.

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There are various factors that affect the pricing of a diamond and a perfect balance of these will ensure you get the ideal diamond for your price range.

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Need more help?

Need more help?

We are always here to help, from ring sizing guides,
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