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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold offers a timeless and classic look, while also adding a certain warmth and glow to your engagement ring design.

Yellow gold offers a timeless and classic look, while also adding a certain warmth and glow to your engagement ring design.

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Yellow gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold is a classic choice of metal for your engagement ring. It is very soft in its purest form, so it must be alloyed with other metals such as copper, silver or zinc to strengthen it. These metals create a natural, coloured oxide and highlight the affectionate glow of yellow gold.

The karatage of yellow gold refers to the amount of gold in the alloy, with 24k the highest amount, however, pure gold is so malleable it cannot be worn. Our engagement rings are made from 18k yellow gold and 6k alloy, which is the perfect balance between durability and colour and has a beautiful warmth to it.

Why choose yellow gold?

Why choose yellow gold?

Yellow gold is often chosen for its durability. It needs little maintenance—just a simple cleaning routine—and 18k gold does not tarnish as much as gold rings with less karatage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your engagement ring will retain its quality and splendour, despite the demands of everyday wear.

Yellow gold is malleable and therefore easy to work with, so a ring can be resized easily if need be. Repairs will be straightforward too. The metal can be crafted into the most intricate of designs, and is a graceful match for diamonds of a lower colour grade. The warm hue will ensure the diamond looks white in comparison.

Yellow gold has a classic, vintage feel, making it an excellent choice if your partner prefers a traditional style. It’s a flattering hue on all skin tones, especially dark or olive skin, or those with warm undertones. It’s also the purest and most hypoallergenic choice out of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, provided it is 18k.

The warmth and luminosity of yellow gold makes it an exquisite choice for an engagement ring—a timeless ring to represent an enduring love.

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