A symbolic gift, our eternity rings pair craftsmanship with high-quality diamonds to create that ultra-special keepsake.

Platinum Eternity Rings

A great option for eternity rings, platinum is both durable and highly reflective, magnifying the natural beauty of diamonds.

Platinum (950)
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An extremely sought-after and precious metal, the crisp white of platinum is often chosen in eternity ring designs as it is ideal for diamonds and a very durable option. A platinum eternity ring offers a fresh clean look while also complementing all skin tones.

Why choose platinum?

Highly reflective and with a silvery-white finish, platinum is an ideal metal to combine with diamonds if you are looking for added brilliance and sparkle. This rare precious metal will artfully reflect light, for a scintillating finish.

Platinum is considered a durable metal as it is very resistant to scratches and, unlike gold alloys, will never tarnish. Indeed, the beautifully clear colour of platinum will keep over the years, making platinum eternity rings ideal for daily wear.

After a few years, your ring may develop what is known as a “patina”: a cloudy, almost frosted sheen. This is simply due to the metal being displaced in certain areas and gives your ring a vintage look. Many like this finish, but you can easily remove the patina by taking your ring to our showrooms where our experts will polish and restore your piece to its original lustre.

Platinum in its purest form is a little soft, hence why it needs to be strengthened with an alloy metal for increased durability. This is why our platinum rings are embossed with the number “950”, to indicate the metal contains 950 parts platinum per 1000.

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