A symbolic gift, our eternity rings pair craftsmanship with high-quality diamonds to create that ultra-special keepsake.

Yellow Gold Eternity Rings

Yellow gold offers an alluring vintage feel and can be paired with many ring designs. The warm yellow colour will also help to accentuate diamond clarity.

Yellow Gold (18k)
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A staple in jewellery design, our fascination with yellow gold seems boundless and everlasting. Over centuries, this historically precious metal has allowed countless jewellery designs to see the day and has become the traditional symbol of love and devotion for newly-weds.

Why choose yellow gold?

With a warm glow and bright colour, yellow gold is often chosen to complement the brilliance of diamonds. Yellow gold provides an intriguing contrast to the crisp white of these gems, elevating and magnifying their beauty in any design.

Pure gold is naturally soft and can easily dent or bend. To strengthen the metal, gold needs to be mixed with certain alloys. Our 18-karat gold rings combine 75% pure gold with silver and copper, achieving an ideal balance of vivid colour and durability.

For this reason, our yellow gold eternity rings can be worn every day and do not require much aftercare. We recommend simply cleaning them every two to three months with washing up liquid and a soft brush, and avoiding any damaging substances coming into contact with the metal.

Yellow gold eternities are often chosen to match a diamond engagement ring for a classic and timeless finish. However, a recent trend has been to mix metals together by matching, for example, a yellow gold eternity ring with a platinum design. This will give your jewellery a contemporary look and will create more dimension.

Finally, yellow gold’s sunny, ethereal glow means it complements a wide range of skin tones. On warmer skin, it will have an almost iridescent quality, and it will help brighten cool-toned complexions.

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