Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are full of mystery and allure. With rose-pink colouring, they are a perfect representation of love and dedication. Having grown to prominence in Russia, they’ve now spread globally and are incredibly popular due to the affectionate glow of this precious metal.

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Rose gold engagement rings are a perfect blend between classic and contemporary. Our collection ranges from vintage rose gold engagement rings to show-stopping, contemporary diamond bands. And while there are plenty of different styles, there are also consistent benefits to choosing rose gold.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a mixture of pure gold and copper. Most rose gold is 75% pure gold while the added 25% is the copper alloy with a tiny amount of silver.It’s this 25% which gives the gold it’s pink-red hue. Because copper is one of the cheapest alloys, rose gold is often the most affordable of all the precious metals.

Gold, onits own, cannot be used for jewellery as it is too soft and malleable. Instead, jewellery-makers mix it with another metal to improve its durability and resilience–these are called ‘gold alloys’.

Other gold alloys include white gold and traditional gold. White gold engagement rings achieve their silver-white colour with the addition of nickel or platinum. Traditional gold, also known as yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper and zinc alloys.

Why choose a rose gold engagement ring?

The biggest benefits of choosing rose gold diamond engagement rings are durability, price and style. That’s because while copper is the cheapest alloy for mixing with pure gold, it is also one of the toughest and helps provide the rose-pink hue.

  • Durability –Copper is a tough, red metal. It has a relatively high melting point and when shaped becomes even tougher. That’s because the large crystals are broken down into smaller ones, providing extra solidity. Mixed with pure gold it becomes one of the toughest gold alloys. This makes rose gold engagement rings some of the toughest and therefore most long-lasting rings available.
  • Affordable –Because rose gold engagement rings are made with copper, they’re often found at incredible prices. That’s because copper is the cheapest alloy for mixing with pure gold. The more copper in your rose gold ring, the cheaper it will be. 18k rose gold has 75% pure gold. 14k rose gold has 58% pure gold.
  • Complementary colour –The added pink tone of rose gold makes it a perfect colour for all skin tones and other ring colours–which explains why it’s so popular with celebrities like Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Katie Holmes.
  • Style –The added tint of pink and red can create a range of different style opportunities. The rose hue can create a vintage feel, especially as the ring ages, while lighter tints of pink create a romantic aesthetic.

What are the different styles of rose gold engagement ring?

As well as the differing shades of rose-gold, there are also plenty of shapes from classic to halo, which incorporate different styles of diamonds and carved details.

  • Classic–These rings have refined lines and a geometric shape. They feature claw set diamonds and have a subtle, elegant band made completely of rose gold.
  • Diamond Band–These rings incorporate diamonds into the rose gold band as well as a stunning claw-set diamond stone that sits above the finger.
  • Vintage–Featuring ornate side set stones and traditional vintage detailing, these rings are perfect for those who want a beautiful, classic feel with the added sophistication of extra diamonds.
  • Halo–A halo ring, as the name suggests is all about surrounding the centre stone with extra diamonds. Expect an eye-catching centre stone with smaller stones around it. There’s also the option for diamonds set into the band too, making a halo rose gold engagement ring an incredibly glamorous choice.
  • Trilogy–These rings feature a three-part diamond design. This includes a large claw-set centre stone with a diamond set into the band on either side. They are the perfect choice for those who want extra glamour than a classic ring but don’t want to go as far as a halo ring.

The history of rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold was originally called Russian gold after coming to prominence in 19th century Imperial Russia. This was directly related to master Jeweller Carl Fabergé’s inclusion of rosegold in his famous Fabergé eggs. The rest of the world quickly jumped on board and rose gold stormed into popularity. By 1920, the trinity ring was introduced by Cartier which featured all three golds –yellow, rose and white. Again, this brought rose-gold engagement rings to prominence.

Throughout WWII, platinum was banned from use in most countries for anything but military use. Once more, mixing with copper with pure gold became the go-to method for master jewellers. With such a long history, it’s clear to see that rose gold engagement rings are here to stay.

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