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Natural Rose Gold (18k)
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Rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold is an alloy of pure gold and copper, which gives it a romantic pink hue. The greater the amount of copper, the rosier the metal will appear. At 77 Diamonds, we use an alloy of 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver—a carefully crafted balance of durability and colour.

Rose gold first became popular in Russia in the 1800s, and was even known as “Russian gold” for a time. It has drifted in and out of favour with buyers ever since, although like any high-quality classic it never truly goes out of style.

Why choose rose gold?

Rose gold will complement a wide variety of engagement rings if you are looking to add a certain warmth to your design. The glow of rose gold will set off the clear white of a central diamond, enhancing and magnifying its beauty. It also offers a stunning contrast to the striking colour of gemstones. Rose gold particularly suits vintage-inspired engagement ring designs, adding to their classic charm.

Rose gold looks beautiful next to all skin tones, bringing out the richness of warm skins and balancing cooler ones. It also stands out against pale skin, bringing out any blush undertones.

Copper must be used as a rose gold alloy to create a soft pink glow, but it can sometimes cause sensitivity in some skins. Although copper rarely affects those who do not have sensitive skin, you may need to discreetly enquire whether your partner has an allergy or reacts badly to some metals.

Copper is a strong metal—its addition to the alloy makes rose gold a durable choice for an engagement ring that will be worn daily. Rose gold doesn’t scratch or tarnish easily, and can be maintained using a gentle cleaner and a soft, dry cloth.

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