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Set a new ideal. Make your mark. Design a ring for the one in three simple steps. Every 77 ring is designed in-house by a team of expert jewellers.

Halo Engagement Rings

Choose a halo for a truly exquisite finish. By placing your centre diamond or gemstone in a bright surround, halo rings accentuate your design and help make clear white diamonds appear larger.

Choose a halo for a truly exquisite finish. By placing your centre diamond or gemstone in a bright surround, halo rings accentuate your design and help make clear white diamonds appear larger.

Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring sets off your central diamond with a circle of smaller brilliant diamonds. The halo will draw the eye towards the larger stone, adding more brilliance, increasing the ring’s carat weight, and enhancing the diamond’s perceived size.

Choosing your halo setting

Choosing your halo setting

Halo engagement rings offer more options for bespoke customisation by its very design. This makes the halo setting one of our most popular styles of engagement rings.

First, select the setting: that is, the band and the diamonds forming the halo. Although alluring in their own right, smaller diamonds tastefully draw the eye towards the central stone to create a stunning display of light. Round brilliant diamonds are often used for this reason, as the cut optimises light reflection, looking brighter as a result.

A slender halo is sleek and sophisticated, while a wider halo creates a bold, modern look. Double halos can even be used to add more scintillation, while floral halos have a more elaborate design inspired by styles from the Victorian and Edwardian ages.

An elegant plain band will elevate your diamond to centre stage, while a band set with diamonds will catch the light, offering additional brilliance. A split band frames your central stone even more, leading the eye towards it. The lower structure under a halo can also be set with diamonds, adding dimension to the ring.

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Next, decide on your central stone. It can be the same shape as the halo diamonds, or different. A round diamond is more traditional, while a fancy cut adds some contemporary flair. You could also select a gemstone. Halo designs are often chosen for gemstone engagement rings, as they protect the stone. Gemstones saw a rise in popularity after Princess Diana (and subsequently the Duchess of Cambridge) was given a sapphire engagement ring.

Gemstones also hold deep meaning, which makes them an excellent choice for such a meaningful piece of jewellery.

Gemstone symbolism

Gemstone symbolism

Emerald: Love, fertility, peace, patience, balance, new beginnings
Ruby: Passion, safety, peace, health, wealth, wisdom, love, friendship
Sapphire: Honesty, trust, fidelity, peace, happiness, communication

If you already have a specific idea in mind, be sure to contact our design team to help create your own bespoke ring.

The history of the halo engagement ring

Created by our designers, this Art Deco inspired piece features a 1.3ct emerald shaped diamond encircled by a 1.5ct halo of baguette diamonds.

The history of the halo engagement ring

Halo ring designs were first seen during the Georgian era (1714 to 1837), with diamonds or pearls forming the halo around a larger diamond. These stones were only a little smaller than the central diamond.

Coloured gemstones were popular in Victorian times (1837 to 1901), with the halo imitating a flower shape that inspires many vintage-style designs today.

It was during the Art Deco period (throughout the 1920s and 1930s) that the halo ring as we know it now was first seen. The graceful symmetry of smaller round diamonds encircling a larger, round central diamond lined up perfectly with the geometric patterns of the era.

Today, you can choose from a wide variety of settings and shapes for the central stone. Whether you prefer a bold enhancement or the subtlety of a slender halo, a halo engagement ring will artfully showcase your chosen diamond and the love you and your partner share.

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