Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum has been a favourite among couples for generations as it perfectly accommodates any ring size and shape.

The metallic, silvery finish of a platinum ring will gracefully enhance your chosen diamond, allowing for optimum brilliance and splendour.

Built to last a lifetime, these rings aptly serve as a symbol of lasting commitment.

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What is platinum?

Platinum is a white metal naturally produced in the ground. It’s incredibly rare and weighs more than gold. Platinum is also a harder metal, making it a durable choice for timeless everyday jewellery.

Because platinum is malleable, dense, and, most importantly, precious, platinum is one of the most sought-after metals in the jewellery trade.

How much is a platinum engagement ring?

Most engagement rings made from platinum contain an average 95% of pure source metal, with minor alloys such as silver or zinc sometimes added. Due to this incredibly high percentage, platinum rings are often slightly more expensive than alloys like white, yellow or rose gold.

The size of the ring, the percentage of platinum used and design shape will also determine the final price. Make sure to get in contact with 77 Diamonds directly to discuss these factors.

How common are platinum engagement rings?

Prior to the 1940s, platinum engagement rings were a popular option among most couples. However, owing to the use of the metal by the Allied Forces during World War II, the price of platinum rose dramatically in most jewellery stores. This led to a dip in the number of rings being bought.

Nowadays, platinum rings are a popular option among couples who are looking for the highest quality jewellery. What’s more, they’re hypoallergenic, meaning they’re unlikely to trigger a reaction on the wearer’s skin.

Do platinum engagement rings tarnish?

Platinum doesn’t tarnish, but it can build up a layer of what’s known as ‘patina’ over time. It’s an indication of a long-lasting, high quality jewellery.

How to clean platinum rings?

Even though platinum retains its splendour, it’s natural to want to look after it. To clean a platinum ring at home, we recommend the following method:

  • Fill a bowl with warm water. Add a teaspoon of washing up liquid.
  • Soak the ring for 2-5 minutes.
  • Brush the diamond with a soft toothbrush.
  • Fill a new bowl with clean water and rinse the ring. Never do this over the sink.
  • Dry the ring with a paper towel.

Remember, our rings are designed to be worn every day. However, even though platinum doesn’t tarnish it’s always best to remove your ring for activities such as cooking, cleaning or gardening to prevent any damage to the stone. We also recommend you remove your jewellery when sleeping and showering.

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