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Platinum Engagement Rings

Both durable and reflective, platinum is an excellent metal to pair with diamonds. The white coloured band will reflect the brilliance of gems, for a mesmerising finish.

Natural Platinum (950)
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Platinum engagement ring

Platinum is one of the world’s rarest natural metals and has been used in jewellery creation for thousands of years. Luxurious but tasteful, its silvery-white colour has a soft sheen which reflects the brilliance of diamonds and gems, for a mesmerising finish.

By its very nature, platinum is one of the most dense metals in the world. It is harder, heavier and rarer than pure gold, which makes it more valuable. Platinum is at 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which measures the scratch resistance of stones and minerals against common materials.

At 77 Diamonds, our platinum engagement rings are made from an alloy of 95% platinum and 5% additional metals. This alloy type is known as 950 platinum because it is 950 part platinum per 1000. Platinum’s hardness means more of it can be used in jewellery without affecting durability.

Why choose platinum?

Platinum’s neutral colour will enhance the brilliance of your central diamond or gemstone, drawing the eye straight towards it. It allows natural light to radiate off the stone, displaying its true splendour.

Platinum is a very dense metal and therefore weighs more than other metals used for jewellery, such as gold. A lot of people like the heavier feel of a platinum ring on their finger.

Platinum is also appreciated for its durability: it is more resistant to marks caused by everyday wear and will retain its high quality with regular care. It doesn’t scratch, but it can develop little ridges known as patina when it comes into contact with other hard surfaces. Traditionally, patina is seen as an indication the jewellery is well-loved. It can create a vintage feel, evoking the history and character behind a treasured family heirloom.

Should you still wish to remove the patina from your platinum band, we offer a professional Clean & Polish service that will erase any marks and restore your platinum ring to its original state. Unlike white gold, platinum doesn’t need to be rhodium-plated and will retain its natural colour.

Our platinum engagement rings are made from 95% platinum and either 5% cobalt or 5% tungsten, depending on the ring and design. All these metals are hypoallergenic, making platinum the best option for sensitive skin.

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