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Unique designs to lend a stylish flair, opt for simple diamond studs or statement earrings that blend effortlessly with your wardrobe.

Diamond Earrings

Design earrings that are entirely unique to you. Start by selecting your earring style, then choose a diamond shape among our ten options.

Design earrings that are entirely unique to you. Start by selecting your earring style, then choose a diamond shape among our ten options.

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A staple in any jewellery collection, even the most subtle diamond earrings offer entrancing displays of fire and sparkle. This effect is what makes diamond earrings so alluring, and helps brighten your every movement. Find the ideal gift in our selection of studs, hoops and drop earrings, or create your own mesmerising jewel through our bespoke service.

Diamond Studs

Explore the elegant simplicity of our handcrafted stud designs. From delicate creations that accentuate a diamond’s sparkle, to designer-made pieces, a pair of diamond stud earrings will always carry breathtaking brilliance.

Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops bring elegance and definition to your outfit, while also displaying entrancing fire and scintillation. Combine our simple diamond hoops with a drop earring, or choose from our stylised collection of designer-set pieces.

Diamond Drops

Subtle, opulent, contemporary or classic, there is much to choose from when it comes to drop earrings. From geometrical designs that accentuate the jawline, to delicate patterns that sparkle in sunlight, select a piece that will be yours forever.

Create your own

Design your very own stud earrings by selecting a pair of matching diamonds and combining them with your favourite setting and metal. Choose from a selection of ten diamond sizes and browse through our catalogue to discover your perfect combination.

Choice of Metal

Although metal can be slightly less visible in earrings, especially when it comes to simple stud designs, your choice is nonetheless important depending on how you wish to accentuate diamonds. An 18k yellow or rose gold setting contrasts beautifully with the bright white of diamonds and complements warmer skin tones, while white metals reflect and enhance a diamond’s scintillation.


Whether a celebration of success or a true token of love, creating a jewel through our bespoke service means creating moments to cherish for a lifetime. Our expert jewellers will shape your ideas to make them reality, whatever you wish to create. Sourcing diamonds and gemstones from across the globe, our team will guide you through the process to ensure we follow your vision every step of the way.

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