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Responsible Sourcing

Using some of the finest materials on earth, we craft jewels that match the brilliance of your moment. This is a privilege, but also a great responsibility. As fine jewellers, we are committed to standards of responsible sourcing, and acting with integrity all along our supply chain.

‘A jewel is only as beautiful as the story it tells. Being a responsible business, we know change doesn't come about by simply signing a piece of paper. It’s about the everyday choices we make. This isn't a quick fix, but a lifelong commitment, a firm promise to always be better.’

— Tobias Kormind & Vadim Weinig, Co-founders of 77 Diamonds

Our Journey

Since our beginnings as one of the first online diamond jewellers, ethics and integrity have played a key role in our journey. Back in 2005, our founders Tobias and Vadim shaped their business based on one guiding principle: respect. Not only for customers, who deserve the finest quality, but for our employees, suppliers and the communities we source from.

We are well aware of the historical challenges in global supply chains for diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. But we also know that the jewellery industry can benefit society when business is conducted responsibly. This leads to more job security, economic opportunities, and improved human rights protection.

How do we ensure this? By following international standards that demonstrate responsible business practices. These standards comply with human right, environmental, and labour laws, as well as laws that hold us financially accountable. By adopting a collaborative improvement approach, we can drive change and improve standards.

What is ‘Responsible Sourcing’?

In a word, it’s caring. Caring to make the right choices when choosing suppliers, caring about those we do business with, our environment, and ensuring we uphold standards not just for ourselves, but for the industry as a whole. It’s caring enough to be honest with ourselves, seeing where we can improve, and making sure we do. Finally, it’s caring for and helping others improve along with us.

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Our Commitment

To further our commitment and build on our responsible business practices, we established in 2021 a Responsible Sourcing Team at 77 Diamonds, overseen by Tobias and Vadim personally.

Through our work, we ensure that:

  • All our jewellery meets international standards in responsible sourcing.

  • All the people involved in the delivery of our products are protected and cherished.

  • We undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.

By following these principles, we implement a sustainable approach to our business model for years to come.

So What’s Next?

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Our goal is to inspire all our stakeholders to actively share our values, and collectively work on improvements in three main areas: people, planet and product.

We will update our Responsible Sourcing Policy whenever necessary and will report on our progress.

In our desire to have our sustainability work independently audited, we are also working towards being a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.


Responsible Sourcing Policy - Read in more detail our commitment to responsible sourcing and business practices.

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