A symbolic gift, our eternity rings pair craftsmanship with high-quality diamonds to create that ultra-special keepsake.

Claw Set Diamond Eternity Rings

Claw set rings serve to enhance and magnify the scintillation of diamonds, while retaining a sense of understated beauty and elegance.

A claw set, otherwise known as a pavé setting, places individual diamonds between small rounded claws or prongs, securing them in the ring design. This type of setting is particularly popular in eternity rings as it adds to a diamond’s sparkle.

Why choose a claw setting?

If you are looking for a brilliant eternity ring that scintillates in sunlight, then we would recommend a claw set ring. By their very design, claw settings show a lot more of a diamond, hence letting more light reflect throughout the stone.

Claw settings appeared in the 19th century, when jewellery makers were starting to give a lot more character to diamonds and gemstones. Since then, these type of ring settings have become widely popular and are used in many designs, both classic and contemporary.

This setting allows many diamond shapes to be added to your ring design, the most common being the round brilliant as it artfully disperses light across the ring. Other shapes such as the pear can sometimes be added.

For a traditional eternity design, choose a claw set with a row of round brilliant diamonds placed across the band. Opt for a row of different diamond shapes and sizes for an alluring modern look.

Claw settings have the added advantage of being easy to clean as they leave room around each diamond. To clean your ring, we recommend soaking it in warm water and soap and then removing accumulated dirt with a soft brush.

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