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Experience lasting grace through diamond-set eternity rings. From subtle claw-sets to elaborate designs, find in our selection the ideal gift or the perfect fit to your engagement ring.

Designer Set Eternity Rings

Explore the fine art of jewellery creation with unique pieces shaped by our in-house team of designers.

Explore the fine art of jewellery creation with unique pieces shaped by our in-house team of designers.

Whether inspired by artistic movements, vintage fashion or simply by the world that surrounds us, our in-house team of designers have created a collection of eternity rings with unique character, made to complement your individuality and style.

Our inspirations

Our inspirations

By looking to the past, we gain inspiration to create designs for the future. Vintage fashion and past artistic movements provide a detailed framework for jewellery creation, and help us merge our past to the present. Well acclaimed and world-famous, the 1920s Art Deco movement broke new ground when streamlined designs came to the fore to mimic social and technological progress. To pay tribute to Art Deco, our designers have created a selection of eternity rings which feature knife-edge bands, baguette diamonds and geometric shapes.

The movement of ballet also inspired our designers to create rings reminiscent of the balance and poised gestures of dancers. Through rounded shapes and intricate details that often intertwine and separate, these eternity rings are glowing symbols of love and affection.

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Finally, the natural world itself can often be an influence in jewellery creation in which the shape and fine geometry of leaves, plants or flowers are repeated through diamond shapes and settings. Collections such as Primrose evoke the ethereal quality nature, with intricate details such as pear-shaped diamonds created to mimic petals.

If you are inspired to create an eternity ring design that reflects your individuality, be sure to contact our bespoke team. We would be happy to hear your ideas and work alongside you to create the ideal ring.

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