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Loose Gemstones

Loose Gemstones

Both powerful and fascinating, the vibrant colour of gemstones have inspired many stories and legends over the centuries. Today, they adorn the finest jewellery designs and add unmistakable character to any piece. Learn more about the symbolism of gemstones and design a jewel unique to you.

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Responsible Sourcing
To promote better transparency in the gemstone trade, we are working with our suppliers to increase our number of traceable gemstones. Our suppliers are also taking steps to understand and improve, where necessary, their sourcing and production practices.
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Gemstone Education
The vibrant colours of gemstones have inspired century-old stories and legends, embellishing the most exquisite jewellery designs. Learn more about the symbolism of these fascinating gems, and create a jewel that is unique to you.
Create Your Own Gemstone Engagement Ring
Through three simple steps, create a gemstone engagement ring that has profound meaning to both you and your partner. Choose your preferred gem and start designing your breathtaking piece today.
We're Here To Help
Whether you need guidance in choosing the perfect engagement ring or are generally looking for advice, our jewellery specialists are here to assist you.

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