Round Cut Engagement Rings

Round Cut Engagement Rings

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape and accounts for half the diamonds sold today. With 58 facets spread throughout the stone, it is the reason the round brilliant cut has the most brilliance and life out of all diamond shapes with an optimum light reflection and sparkle.

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Why round?

A round diamond makes for the perfect engagement ring and works perfectly in all manners of engagement ring setting from a simple classic setting to a more intricate and ornate vintage setting which will complement your chosen stone. The round brilliant cut is so even and perfectly formed it is the reason that this is the only shape diamond that is given a cut grading during the certification process by gemologists.We recommend an Excellent or Very Good cut for a round cut engagement ring to ensure that there is lots of lustre and life.

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Round Cut Engagement Rings

Did you know?

The round cut engagement ring is most popular of diamond shapes and accounts for half the diamonds sold for engagement rings because of the sparkle it emits. This is caused by the unique cut of the diamond itself with its pointed base formation.

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Diamond Facet Structure

The top surface of a Round Brilliant diamond features 8 star facets, 8 kite facets and 16 upper girdle facets. The base of the stone is comprised of 16 lower girdle facets, 8 pavilion girdle facets and an option culet.


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