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High quality diamonds are paired with unparalleled craftsmanship, tailored to your wishes, to craft a piece you'll treasure forever.

Engagement Rings

High quality diamonds are paired with unparalleled craftsmanship, tailored to your wishes, to craft a piece you'll treasure forever.

Trilogy engagement ring

A trilogy engagement ring is an excellent choice if you are looking for an alternative to classic rings set with a single diamond. The three stones in this setting symbolise your past, present and future as a couple, with the central stone representing the current moment. This is especially meaningful during a proposal. The stones can also represent friendship, love and fidelity in your relationship.

The trilogy style was introduced as an anniversary gift. Gradually it became viewed as a meaningful choice for an engagement ring due to its symbolism.

Choosing your diamonds or gemstones

You have the option to combine different diamond shapes, as well as a wide variety of gemstones, allowing you to create a ring that perfectly matches your partner’s tastes.

Choose from a wide variety of diamonds when selecting your central stone, or a gemstone like ruby, sapphire or emerald for a striking flash of colour. Your chosen diamond or gemstone can be exquisitely crafted in a variety of shapes, from classic cuts like round and pear, to contemporary shapes like the heart.

Placing two smaller stones on either side of your central diamond artfully enhances its fire and scintillation, while also allowing for structure and definition. Matching smaller diamonds or gemstones in a traditional cut will offer a classic, elegant look, while the geometric shapes of trilliant and baguette diamonds offer a clean and modern feel.

The size of these smaller stones varies. The smaller the side stones, the more they’ll draw the eye towards the central diamond.

Settings and metals for trilogy engagement rings

Trilogy engagement rings are very versatile, suiting both delicate, tapered bands and thicker, bolder styles. They can be matched with all metal settings: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

A trilogy engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of the relationship you and your partner share, and will share in years to come, while also being a token of the lasting memories you’ve already made.

Setting Selection

Valencia, Platinum (950) (Default)

£ 625.44 £ 519.11

Selected Diamond

Default (Round, 0.30, K, SI2)

£ 259.78

Grand Total


£ 1,062.27 £ 934.68

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