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Set a new ideal. Make your mark. Design a ring for the one in three simple steps.

White Gold Diamond Band Engagement Rings

Set a new ideal. Make your mark. Design a ring for the one in three simple steps.

Set a new ideal. Make your mark. Design a ring for the one in three simple steps.

Diamond band engagement ring

A striking choice for your partner, a diamond band engagement ring can be tailored to become a symbol of the unique and profound love you share. With the graceful addition of diamonds set into the band, this ring type adds brilliance without drawing the eye away from your central diamond.

Choosing the band

Choosing the band

Select your ring from a variety of styles, each one with its own mesmerising qualities.

A simple diamond band offers a timeless look and can accentuate the central stone even more so when the band is slightly tapered towards it. A twisted diamond band adds depth and will give your ring a contemporary feel, while a split band highlights the central stone and can make it appear larger.

You can also look at how the diamonds in the band are set. A prong setting will allow more light to pass through each diamond, without overpowering the central stone. A channel-set diamond band secures the smaller diamonds inside a channel. It’s crafted to offer extra protection for the stones while still showcasing their radiance—an excellent choice for someone whose everyday life is more active.

Classic shapes such as round and princess cuts are often added to these types of engagement rings. They are brilliant in their own right, but their graceful appearance won’t distract from the central stone.

Choosing the central stone

Choosing the central stone

A diamond band really enhances the structure and quality of your chosen diamond or gemstone. A diamond in a traditional shape like round brilliant or pear cut is timeless, while cuts like asscher and marquise add a touch of modernity without sacrificing elegance.

Select a diamond band setting for your engagement ring to enhance its splendour, and propose with a fitting symbol of shared, enduring love.

Setting Selection

Kindrea, White Gold (18k) (Default)

£ 813.83

Selected Diamond

Default (Round, 0.30, K, SI1)

£ 231.17

Grand Total


£ 1,254.01

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