Greenland Rubies

A Tale Of Fire In Ice

A Tale Of Fire In Ice

Nestled in the icy mountains of southern Greenland and glowing deep within the stone lies a treasure as old as time itself. Discover the mesmerising red of Greenland Rubies, and create a jewel as precious as the moment it defines.

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Sustainably Sourced

Mined in a majestic and wild landscape, Greenland Rubies are nature’s treasure. Like any treasure, they demand care and respect. Each gem is sourced and processed following internationally-approved environmental, human and social standards. Once mining finishes in the area, the land will be returned to its original state as it had been thousands of years before.

Fully Traceable

Greenland Rubies are unique as they are the only fully traceable coloured gems in the world. From mine to market, each gem holds a unique serial number that links it directly to the original rough parcel it was found in. You can find your chosen gem’s origin by consulting its certificates.

Shaped By Experts

Thought to be the oldest gems on earth, the fiery red of rubies have inspired century-old legends, and continue to fascinate to this day. Each Greenland Ruby is treated, cut and polished by experts to achieve its unique, fiery glow.

July’s Birthstone

Symbolising passion and strength, Rubies serve to welcome the warm days of Summer. As July’s birthstone, they also make for a fascinating and thoughtful birthday gift. Create your design by choosing a ruby and match it to your favourite jewellery setting.

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