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Proposing at home

Are you finally ready to propose? We're here to help. Find all the tips, advice and inspiration you need to create the perfect, memorable home proposal.

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7 Cute and Creative At Home Proposal Ideas

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How to Create Your Own Perfect Bedroom Proposal

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4 Things to Remember Before Making a Home Proposal

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What to Avoid When Making a Home Proposal

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Daisy Amodio

Daisy Amodio

Founder of The Proposers

With 10 years experience in wedding proposal planning, Daisy and her team will take care of your proposal. From the initial stages right up to your 'Marry Me?' moment, Daisy will be by your side to provide all the help you need.

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Daisy Amodio

Daisy Amodio

Founder of The Proposers

With 10 years experience in wedding proposal planning, Daisy and her team will take care of your proposal. From the initial stages right up to your 'Marry Me?' moment, Daisy will be by your side to provide all the help you need.

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How to Create Your Own Perfect Bedroom Proposal

Your Own Bedroom Proposal - main image

A bedroom proposal is one of the most popular ways to propose as it offers intimacy and a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Although it may seem simple and easy, here are a few ways to make yours go the extra mile.

1. Make a lasting impression.

If you want your home proposal to leave a lasting impression on your partner, you might consider completely transforming your bedroom into an enchanting space. Imagine tens of thousands of rose petals, twinkling fairy lights, candles flickering and a personalised playlist with your partner’s favourite songs playing in the background.

Why not also add balloons to the romantic setting? Nothing is off limits if you feel it can enhance and transform the atmosphere. Remember, the more personalised touches you add, the more unique your proposal becomes. Lead your partner into the middle of the room blindfolded or with their eyes closed and get down on one knee, when they will open their eyes, they will be truly surprised.

2. Create a ‘Marry Me’ sign.

Adding a ‘Marry Me?’ sign will be a thoughtful touch and will stand out once your partner steps into the room. Spell out the words in fairy lights on the bed, or use rose petals, flowers or anything else you can think of.

If you are feeling even more creative, you can even create your own sign with cardboard, painted and adorned with rose petals and lights.

3. Have champagne at the ready.

Your Own Bedroom Proposal - Have Champagne ready

You’ll probably want to celebrate, be sure to have some drinks prepared before you lead your partner into the room. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can still get creative and prepare some non-alcoholic cocktails. Top it off with some fancy glasses and decoration. Remember to also have some of your partner’s favourite snacks ready.

4. Keep it fancy.

This moment is like no other and one you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life, so it’s important you put some effort into the proposal. Don’t propose in some old joggers and t-shirts, for example. Make an impression and be smart.

5. Remember to clean up!

Nothing dampens the mood more than a pile of dirty laundry or a pair of disregarded socks hanging around. Before setting up your decorations, make sure you clean up around you: put books away, close draws and cupboards and dust. Even if your partner doesn’t initially notice you cleaned around you, it will definitely tie into the whole romantic atmosphere by making everything look polished and neat.

6. Why not try a themed bedroom proposal?

Your Own Bedroom Proposal - themed proposal

Setting up your bedroom with a theme can be a great way to make a lasting impression and helps to give your proposal that personal touch. Recreate your partner’s favourite film setting or go on an adventure across the globe by revisiting your favourite holiday destination from the past. Does your significant other love to travel? Taste wine ‘in France’ by recreating a traditional French café with checked tablecloths, bread baskets, pâtisseries and grapes. Create a beach holiday ‘in Hawaii’ with parasols, cocktails and flower necklaces. Go on a desert getaway ‘to Morocco’ in a luxurious tent filled with lanterns, pillows and a platter of food. Remember, your imagination is the only thing holding you back here.

Want more home proposal ideas? Contact our experts.

Photos by The Proposers

4 Things to Remember Before Making a Home Proposal

4 Things to Remember Before Making a Home Proposal - main image

Organising a home proposal can sometimes be nerve-racking when you want everything to be just right. When preparing your home proposal, these four small details will make all the difference.

1. Set the mood.

Play your partner’s favourite song, scatter light scented candles all around, dim the light or create a romantic atmosphere with fairy lights. Don’t forget to prepare your partner’s favourite drink and food. The trick here is to excite all the senses and create a lasting impression.

2. Make sure you plan an after party!

Your partner has just said ‘yes’ - this calls for a celebration! Whether you choose to party with some family or friends, or simply spend the evening with your partner, it’s important you plan a small celebration with drinks and snacks. If you have friends or family members who are far away and unable to participate, make them feel included through video call. Remember, it doesn’t have to be right away but when the time is right!

3. Keep your house clean and tidy.

For a home proposal to be truly romantic, you have to set the scene and steer clear from your everyday routine. This means tidying the place up thoroughly and making sure you’re not missing anything out: an overflowing bin or a pile of washing may seem like small details, but they can really dampen the mood.

4. Test your camera.

If you are capturing the proposal yourself, be sure to test your camera and see where it will be facing prior to the big moment. No one wants to watch a video with your heads cut off or with unflattering angles: this is an important moment, so make the most of it!

Want more home ideas? Contact our experts.

Photos by The Proposers

What to Avoid When Making a Home Proposal

What to Avoid When Making a Home Proposal - main image

If you’re thinking of proposing, this means the bond you share with your partner is already strong, so don’t worry - whichever way you propose, it’s sure to be a success. That’s not to say there can be mishaps along the way. So, what can you avoid when organising a home proposal?

1. Having other people around.

You may think that having friends or family around to witness your proposal is a good idea. After all, wouldn’t you want to share one of the most important moments of your life with them? Even though a proposal is a significant step, it is also an intimate gesture of love - it goes deep down into the very fibre of what makes your relationship unique. Share this moment with your partner, and make it a memory that only you two can keep. There will be many opportunities to celebrate with your closest friends and family in the future.

2. Generic and overdone proposals.

We get it, organising a home proposal can be a daunting task. There’s no Eiffel Tower, classy restaurant or luxurious hotel around to help you create that romantic atmosphere. The success of a proposal doesn’t depend so much on the place, however. It’s all about the bond you share with your partner: the more creative and personal you make your wedding proposal, the more your partner will be touched.

3. Don’t rush it.

So, you’ve decided to ask your partner in marriage. It’s an exciting time and you probably want to say everything you feel straight away. But remember to take your time organising to make it both a personalised and creative gesture that reflects all the love and time shared with your significant other. Take your time in picking out a ring that will truly correspond to your partner's taste and write down everything you wish to say once you are down on one knee. The more effort you put into a proposal, the more special and unique it becomes.

4. Finally, never propose in your PJs...

… This also goes for old joggers and t-shirts. This is an important moment for you as a couple, so make an effort to make it stand out from your daily routine.

Want more home ideas? Contact our experts.

Photos by The Proposers

7 Cute and Creative At Home Proposal Ideas

Creative At Home Proposal Ideas - main image

A romantic getaway to a foreign country may seem like the perfect way to propose, but asking your partner in marriage can be as thoughtful and memorable when it’s done at home: all you need is a little creativity and a lot of heart.

1. Build a ‘Marry Me?’ sign in your garden.

Set up your proposal at home in your backyard when your partner is not looking or is away. Have everything prepared and planned out in your head before to not waste any time during the setup. Give yourself enough time to be ready once the sun sets. Start out by setting the mood with candles, fairy lights, a platter of food and celebratory drinks. If you have a safe place for a fire, light it up and have your partner's favourite music playing in the background.

Adding a ‘Marry Me?’ sign will be a thoughtful touch and will truly surprise your partner when they step into a completely transformed garden. Go all out by spelling out the words in fairy lights against an easily-visible surface, or by using rose petals, flowers or anything else you can think of that will leave a lasting impression.

2. Write a poem.

Nothing beats hearing a ‘Marry me?’ through poetry. Writing your own poem isn’t an easy task, but if done correctly, it will make your home proposal romantic, thoughtful and a true success. Be honest about what you feel and don’t try to make it sound like something you have read before. Instead, make your words unique to you and your relationship: what you feel deep inside your heart is what needs to be said.

List all the important memories you share with your partner and describe your time together. Finally, end the poem with a “Will you marry me?”.

3. Create a romantic treasure hunt.

A thrilling and romantic way for proposing at home, organising a treasure hunt is also fun and creative. To start, leave a clue somewhere obvious for your partner to find. For example, you might leave a note by the coffee pot that tells them to go into the living room where they will find another clue, leading them on an unexpected journey around the house.

Make the clues personal and lead your partner to objects that have a specific meaning to your relationship. You can also incorporate romantic elements like flowers or a box of chocolates. The final clue should lead to you, down on one knee with your chosen engagement ring.

4. Organise a surprise garden picnic.

Creative At Home Proposal Ideas - garden picnic

If you have a garden, make the most of it! Surprise your partner with a picnic they never expected. Set the scene with flowers, food, champagne and their favourite song playing in the background. Try to go the extra mile: lay out cushions, and large blankets to give that cosy feeling, and why not even construct a makeshift tent with white sheets and lanterns? Anything to completely transform your garden into a romantic scene for a proposal.

5. Follow the ribbon.

Tie a red velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes recalling the best moments in your relationship along the way, all with instructions inviting your partner to follow the trail.

Wait at the end of the ribbon with the ring in hand ready to propose. For a more romantic touch, make a trail of candles or roses leading the way through the house.

6. Make breakfast in bed.

Sometimes, the simple things can be the most memorable, and what better way to surprise your partner than to propose with a breakfast in bed. Treat them to their favourite food and remember to decorate the tray with fresh flowers to add that extra touch. Hide the ring somewhere on the tray for your partner to find. If they are a deep sleeper, you might even be able to slip the engagement ring on their hand during the night. Imagine what a surprise it will be when your partner discovers a beautiful ring on their finger!

7. Create your own home cinema proposal.

Creative At Home Proposal Ideas - garden picnic

Nothing says romance like a date at the cinema. Why not recreate the scene at home, but with your own film? Build a comfortable spot in your living room with blankets and cushions and tell your partner that you have organised a surprise movie night.

When it’s finally revealed that you have actually made a home video, your partner will be touched and surprised. Make a film that depicts your time spent together and get creative! End the film with you proposing to your partner through the screen as you get down on one knee and reveal the ring.

Want more home proposal ideas? Contact our experts.

Photos by The Proposers

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