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Pearl Collection

Melding timeless elegance with contemporary style, the Pearl Collection explores the mesmerising play of colour and contrast. Discrete diamond accents grace the soft satin of pearls, bringing to light these incredible treasures from the sea.

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Pearl Collection: A Play of Light

Pearl Collection: A Play of Light

With a bright sheen carried over centuries of fashion and design, a pearl’s appeal is both everlasting and hypnotic. Formed in the deep sea, our designers take inspiration from the hidden nature of pearls, revealing them in a bright new light. Lending 77’s signature brilliance to a pearl’s satin finish, this collection explores our natural world’s beauty with a fresh outlook.

‘By honouring centuries of traditions and craft, we look to magnify the natural beauty of pearls and incorporate them into our daily lives. Each pearl has been carefully selected for its lustre and sheen, and makes for a truly precious gift.’

— Anna Byers, Head Designer

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Contrast & Colour

A pearl’s beauty is defined by its mirror-like sheen. By contrasting a pearl’s soft contour with discrete diamond accents, the collection puts emphasis on the play of colours found in natural gems, always seeming to catch the light whichever way you turn.

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Gifts From Nature

Known for their joyful character and mesmerising beauty, water nymphs in Greek mythology were symbols of nature shown in a more playful and charming light. Drawing on this meaning, this collection combines floral accents with the soft airiness of pearls, with each piece named after a famous water nymph.

Guide to Pearls

Read more about what makes pearls so mesmerising, how to choose your pearl birthstone jewellery, pearl care, and all the different types presented in this collection.

Read Pearl Guide

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