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Kaleida Collection

Kaleida, where intense colour meets fine craftsmanship. The collection introduces a range of fresh and vibrant tones, from teal hues to blushing pinks — all perfectly balanced against a backdrop of sparkling diamonds. Through Kaleida, discover a range of birthstone jewellery.

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Kaleida Collection : Every Hue, Every Facet.

Kaleida Collection : Every Hue, Every Facet.

Explore in Kaleida the intense and vibrant colours of natural gems. Replicating the myriad hues of a kaleidoscope, Kaleida balances a rich palette with clean and defined designs that marry perfectly with diamond jewellery.

What Gemstones Symbolise

Our century-old fascination for gemstones surely derives from our love of colour. Throughout history, gemstones have often been used to protect wearers, lend strength and courage, or to symbolise wealth and nobility. Today, these ancient symbols live on as we look to adorn ourselves in bright colours that reveal our personality and unique stories.

Find Your Birthstone Jewellery

Garnet – January

A January birthstone, garnet is also used to celebrate 2nd-year wedding anniversaries. Worn by royalty in Ancient Egypt, garnet was one of the most traded gems in ancient history. Named after the word ‘granatus’ meaning ‘grain’, garnet comes in a range of colours, from green tsavorite to reddish-pink rhodolite, both featured in the Kaleida Collection.

Amethyst – February

With an unmistakable purple colour, Amethyst has long been associated with wisdom and resourcefulness. Amethyst is a February birthstone, and the gem for 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. You can send an enquiry to our bespoke service to create your very own amethyst birthstone jewellery today.

Aquamarine – March

The ocean’s crystalline waters are forever reflected through aquamarine. A March birthstone, aquamarine is often gifted on 49th wedding anniversaries and is a symbol for peace and serenity. In Ancient Greece, aquamarines were frequently used by sailors to protect against tempestuous seas. You can find a selection of aquamarine birthstone rings and necklaces in the Kaleida Collection.

Diamond – April

A versatile birthstone, diamonds are by far the most sought-after gem today. With a clear colour that never fails to mesmerise, their strength and durability makes them the ideal option for a birthstone ring or birthstone necklace. Named after the Ancient Greek ‘adamas’, meaning ‘unbreakable’, these precious gems are a fitting symbol for undying love

Emerald – May

One of the most prized and sought-after gems, emerald green has long been a symbol for wisdom and good fortune. As a Spring birthstone, emeralds represent those born in May and are used to celebrate 20th wedding anniversaries. You can select your very own emerald through our gemstone collection.

Pearl – June

With a smooth, frosted surface, pearls have often been associated with purity, and are known to bring the wearer calm and serenity. Pearls are June birthstones and are used to celebrate 3rd and 13th wedding anniversaries. These gems make for breathtaking jewellery designs which you can commission through our bespoke service.

Ruby – July

Passionate, fiery, and intensely red, rubies are often considered the ‘king of precious gems’. Their vibrant colour has long fascinated many cultures and continues to mesmerise to this day. Rubies symbolise passion, courage and strength, and are used to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries. You can select a loose gemstone through our collection.

Peridot – August

A glowing green with a hint of iridescent yellow, Peridot catches the eye and makes for fascinating jewellery designs. Known in Ancient Egypt as the ‘gem of the sun’, peridot is the perfect Summer gift that also represents 15th wedding anniversaries. You can create your very own peridot jewellery through our bespoke service.

Sapphire – September

Often associated with the colour blue, a sapphire’s intensity is rarely matched. Throughout history, sapphires have long represented nobility and were thought to protect the wearer from harm. Sapphires are for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, and you can select your own September birthstone through our gemstone selection.

Tourmaline – October

Symbolising love, friendship and passion, tourmalines are a versatile October birthstone, and come in a variety of colours. Named after the Sinhalese word ‘toramalli’, meaning ‘mixed gems’, these precious stones can be found in a selection of jewellery designs from the Kaleida Collection, and are used to celebrate 8th wedding anniversaries.

Citrine – November

The bright, zesty colour of citrine brings a touch of sunshine to colder months, making it the ideal November birthstone. This gem is quite durable, and can be worn in birthstone rings and necklaces on a daily basis. A symbol of serenity, citrine was thought to soothe tempers and calm the wearer. Citrine gems are for 13th wedding anniversaries, and feature in the Prisma earring and ring designs.

Tanzanite – December

First discovered in 1967, Tanzanite is a more contemporary choice for birthstone jewellery. Its vibrant, almost electrifying purple-blue colour blends perfectly with Kaleida’s clean, well-defined design. Tanzanite can only be found in one place in the world, Tanzania, making it a rare and precious gem.

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