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Expertly crafted. Eternally yours.

Some standout pieces...

Each bespoke piece we craft is infused with your creative vision, making it a timeless symbol of your individuality. Discover some of our past creations and the fascinating stories they tell.

An engagement ring tells a tale of love. As a true promise of commitment, it also symbolises unwavering trust between two people. This notion of trust is equally important when a customer comes to one of our showrooms in search of a bespoke design.

Creating a ring that will perfectly match a customer’s preferences, and being able to fulfil their vision faithfully, is what we strive for at 77 Diamonds. Often, our bespoke team will slightly modify an already existing design to perfectly suit a client’s preference. In this particular case, our customer was looking for a twist on our Medici halo engagement ring, while also retaining the alluring split band of our Oxford design.

With a flawless emerald-cut diamond, weighing approximately 1.5-carats, this engagement ring is a breathtaking symbol of everlasting love. The added brilliance of the diamond-set halo and split band enhances the central diamond for a glowing finish on a timeless design.

We were very pleased to create this ring, as it combined two features from our own lovingly crafted collections. In a way, it associates our creative vision as fine jewellery designers with that of our customers. This, to me, perfectly symbolises what we do.

— Anna Byers,
Head of Bespoke

As a collaboration between jeweller and client, some bespoke designs also incorporate the combined visions of two people. This stunning sapphire piece was born from the creative process between a newly betrothed couple.

Their vision featured an exquisite emerald-cut sapphire, weighing around 2.5 carats. The central gemstone was accompanied by two smaller diamonds on either side, skilfully leading the eye towards the vivid royal blue of the central stone.

Choosing the right central piece to a bespoke engagement ring can be a lengthy process, as this will define the jewel's identity and look. A gemstone will add a touch of colour while also holding deep significance for the couple choosing it. In this case, a sapphire was chosen to symbolise sincerity and trust between two people.

To accentuate and reflect the deep colours of the stones, our bespoke jewellers decided to place them in a platinum collet. The whole piece was then elevated through a yellow gold band, giving the ring a classic, timeless elegance.

This engagement ring holds a deep significance that goes beyond simple jewellery creation, it’s a token of shared love and creative vision.

— Anna Byers,
Head of Bespoke

Creating a bespoke piece also means pushing the boundaries of your imagination and forming something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Provided you have a well-defined idea of what you’re looking for, your bespoke design can reflect the story you choose. This unique cocktail ring design is the perfect example.

Commissioned by a jewellery enthusiast and gemstone collector, this eye-catching cocktail ring presents a refreshing, contemporary design that says a lot about the customer. With a range of coloured diamonds displaying an earthy palette of green and champagne tones, this ring totals at around 2-carats. The variety of shapes draws the attention and makes for a beautiful display of tones and hues.

These particular stones were actually chosen and brought to us by the customer, furthering the collaborative process between designer and client. To complement the intense autumnal tones of this ring, the whole structure was bordered by a rose gold band, while the diamonds were enhanced with white gold collets.

These sorts of details really make the difference in a bespoke ring design. We really wanted to create a piece that could become a conversation starter and reflect the unique vision of our customer, who was deeply passionate about jewellery design.

— Anna Byers,
Head of Bespoke

An eternity ring is a token of everlasting commitment between two people who share a deep bond. The delicacy of this particular bespoke design artfully symbolises our clients’ unique relationship.

The intricate diamond detailing of this eternity ring was commissioned to match a similar engagement ring design. A 18k rose gold band enhances a cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds, which lends a timelessly elegant feel to the design.

The couple who came to create this ring were absolutely lovely—very enthusiastic to work with us and create this beautiful design. This ring was intended to be worn on the opposite side to the engagement ring so it was important we really made it stand out on its own, while also retaining a certain aspect of delicate class and luxury.

— Anna Byers,
Head of Bespoke

Bespoke jewellery can also be a representation of what makes you unique. Creating designs that capture people’s imagination is an important part of the tailored service we provide. These captivating earrings, for example, were commissioned by a customer to match an emerald ring, and show true originality.

Hand-picked by our client, these drop earrings feature two matching emeralds, totalling at around 2-carats. To enhance the central stones, two smaller pear-shaped diamonds were added, as well as a rectangular halo of round brilliant diamonds to accent the design. The whole piece is framed in 18k yellow gold, revealing the vibrancy of emerald green.

Emeralds represent the prospect of renewal and new beginnings. To follow this symbolism, this piece became a refreshing twist on a timeless vintage look.

Emeralds are such an interesting stone and lend so much personality to a jewel. I really enjoy creating fascinating designs similar to these earrings as it gives you the opportunity to form something truly outstanding.

— Anna Byers,
Head of Bespoke

See more, be inspired.

Trilogy ring featuring a 2ct cushion cut diamond framed by two 0.50ct round diamonds, mounted on a delicately rounded yellow gold band.

A beautiful 2ct pear-shaped yellow diamond encircled in a double halo of yellow and white diamonds to showcase the natural yellow hue of the centre stone.

Bespoke vintage-style platinum engagement ring featuring a royal blue sapphire surrounded by 0.45ct diamonds.

A bespoke variation of our Paragon eternity ring with alternating diamonds and blue sapphires, complete with a milgrain finish.

An emerald cut ruby set alongside 0.20ct baguette cut diamonds, complete with a vintage art deco design.

A yellow pear-shaped diamond set in to 18k yellow gold and surrounded by a halo of white diamonds to enhance the vivid natural colour of the centre stone.

Muse duet hoops with bespoke detachable freshwater pearl drops.

A 3ct asscher cut diamond set beside 0.56ct tapered baguettes in a classic bespoke platinum setting.

Matching 18k yellow gold wedding bands with a bespoke irregular hammered texture.

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Note: The minimum price for any bespoke piece is £1500 (inc. VAT). This fee does not apply to slight variations on our existing designs.

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