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Cupid's Ideal-slipning

by 77

What Makes An Ideal?

Both intricate and mesmerising, an ideal diamond isn’t only defined by its perfection. When placed in a jewel, it’s first and foremost the essence of a moment — held in time. Whether a memory, a word, or a quiet gesture, our artisans create pieces to reflect every moment in brilliant detail.

Perfection may not exist, but a Cupid's Ideal diamond comes very close.

— Anna Byers,
chef för specialbeställningsteamet

Hjärtan & pilar

Named after the mischievous god of love, the Cupid’s Ideal cut reveals an intricate ‘hearts and arrows’ pattern through its facets. Alternating between bright and dark areas, the contrasting light accentuates brilliance to form a dancing display of colour.

By observing a Cupid’s Ideal diamond from above, you can distinguish an arrow pattern pointing outwards. Look at it from below, and notice a heart-shape pattern silhouetted around the diamond’s point.

Dual-Grading Reports

Unlike other precious gems, each Cupid’s Ideal diamond holds a dual-grading system. Both the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society) have united to provide the most detailed grading report to date.

GIA’s Triple Excellent Cut

Cupid’s Ideals are graded ‘triple excellent’, meaning they reach the highest level of Cut, Polish and Symmetry. By combining these three elements, our cut is a benchmark for superior diamond quality.

AGS Graded Light Performance

The AGS, unlike other labs, has a specific method to measure a diamond’s light performance. This is based on three factors:

Brightness - The intensity of white light, with minimal light leakage.

Fire - The boldness and distribution of spectral colours.

Contrast - The balanced pattern of dark and bright areas.

Through careful observation, an expert can evaluate a diamond’s capacity to reflect light. The diamond is then graded on a scale of 0 to 10 starting at ‘ideal’, which is zero, and ending at ‘poor’, graded 10 on the scale.

AGS 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
AGS Ideal AGS Excellent AGS Very Good AGS Good AGS Fair AGS Poor
GIA Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

Every Cupid’s Ideal is graded triple zero due to a perfect balance of Brightness, Fire and Contrast.

A Brilliant Selection






Sourced With Care

To be set into a jewellery piece, a diamond must first undergo an incredible journey which starts in the earth’s core. Brought to the surface, cut and polished — a diamond passes through many hands before achieving its brilliant finish.

By building a supply chain that promotes integrity, we are respecting not only the product, but the people who created it. This is why each Cupid’s Ideal is not only guaranteed conflict-free, but is sourced from areas that respect and uphold responsible sourcing standards.

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