Happily Ever After: Altan & Holly

Happily Ever After: Altan & Holly

They started off as high-school sweethearts and their commitment to one another has stood the test of time. The couple are now planning a spring wedding which will take place next year. Today, we meet London-based couple Altan Riccardo, who works in Exports and Holly Barker, a Wedding Hair & Makeup artist.

77 diamonds

Holly and Altan at the manor post proposal

First meeting

Altan and Holly met in sixth form and have been together for nine years.

She’s the one

“I knew Holly was the one from the moment I held a door open for her when I first saw her in the corridor, unfortunately I nervously walked through the door first, she must have thought – what a gentleman,” Altan amusingly explains.

The proposal

Altan booked Holly for a makeup job via email pretending to be “Louise”, a bride-to-be. Holly booked “Louise” in for her makeup for a three-day wedding in September last year. Altan had hired a beautiful 10-bedroom manor for the dates “Louise” requested. “I arrived, on Thursday, the 14th of September and knocked on the door of this beautiful Manor House expecting to be greeted by the bride-to-be but instead Altan answered the door and said, “Sorry, Louise couldn’t make it”. He then went on to tell me how much I meant to him whilst going down on one knee. It was perfect!” Holly shares.

77 diamonds

When Holly knocked on the door she was expecting to be greeted by “Louise”. To her surprise, it was Altan, who then proceeded to drop down on one knee

Altan had another surprise up his sleeve for the next day. He had arranged for both their families to arrive at the manor on Friday morning (the families had no idea why they were coming and were only instructed to pack a bag for the weekend).

Once everyone arrived, Altan ushered them into the drawing room, while Holly was hiding away upstairs. Altan then walked into the room and said, I apologise for the silence and secrecy of getting you all here. Other than wanting to spend a weekend together, the real reason I wanted you here, is to introduce you to my fiancé! “I then walked into a room of cheers, tears and very shocked peers,” exclaims Holly.

The engagement ring

Altan chose 77 Diamond’s Allure engagement ring, a 6-claw solitaire ring in platinum with a round brilliant diamond. The ring certainly did the trick, “I was extremely happy and impressed,” shares Holly.

diamond engagement ring

Holly was thrilled with her classic 6-claw solitaire engagement ring with a lovely round brilliant diamond

The wedding plans

The couple will be getting married at The Middleton Lodge in Middleton Tyas in May next year. They will have exclusive use of the estate for the weekend, so their families and friends will be staying onsite at either the Coach House or Farm House. The ceremony will take place at St Michael’s & All Angels Church in Moulton. They will then head back to the main house for their Drinks Ceremony, then onto the Fig House for the wedding breakfast and party. The late-night party will take place in the main house cellar bar.

Congratulations Altan and Holly, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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