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From simple silhouettes to showstopping pieces, our diamond necklaces highlight the neck with cascading, subtle or timeless diamonds dependant on your taste.

Diamond Necklaces

Whether a subtle design or a cascade of diamonds, find the perfect necklace to brighten your every day.



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Whether a subtle design or a cascade of diamonds, find the perfect necklace to brighten your every day.

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From sparkling diamond chains, to glittering halos, to customisable pieces, our diamond necklaces and pendants come in a range of styles tailored to your needs. Whether a gift to yourself or to someone special, find a jewel that will make an already beautiful moment, simply magical.

Diamond Necklaces

Behind every subtle curve and diamond shape lies the vision of a whole team. By finding inspiration in art and nature, our designers look to create diamond and gemstone necklaces of unparalleled grace, matched to the beauty of your moment. From delicate diamond set chains to cascading designs, envelop yourself in glittering jewellery. Our necklaces all come in a range of styles, ideal for both daily wear and special occasions.

Diamond Pendants

With a single gem placed on a chain, diamond pendants are a vision of elegance and grace. By their very design, these pendants let a great amount of light enter the stone, allowing for spectacular displays of fire and scintillation. Your jewellery is personal to you, for this reason you are able to customise a 77 Diamonds pendant to your liking, adding your favourite centre diamond or coloured gemstone.

Monologue Collection

Discover our range of necklaces, set with a diamond initial to spell out the name of those nearest and dearest to you. Our initial necklaces also make for the perfect personalised gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion worth celebrating. Every piece is intricately set with round brilliant diamonds, adding sparkling accents to every letter.

Choice of Metal

Whether you enjoy the clean white finish of platinum or the classic touch of gold, all our pendants and necklaces come in a range of metal colours to fit your every taste. White gold and platinum reflect and complement a diamond’s brilliance, while yellow and rose gold add contrast to the stones, making them appear brighter.


Whether a celebration of success or a true token of love, creating a jewel through our bespoke service means creating moments to cherish for a lifetime. Our expert jewellers will shape your ideas to make them reality, whatever you wish to create. Sourcing diamonds and gemstones from across the globe, our team will guide you through the process to ensure we follow your vision every step of the way.

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