Happily Ever After: Abdul & Stephanie

Abdul Walid and Stephanie Acquaye first met in Ghana. Now based in Rome, both are social workers for the United Nations. After being together for about seven years, Abdul surprised Stephanie with a Parisian proposal and a stunning 77 Diamonds engagement ring. Here is their happily ever after.

77 diamonds

Stephanie was over the moon when Abdul surprised her with a marriage proposal during her birthday trip to Paris

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Our Summer Giveaway – Share to win

With the warmer weather finally upon us, what better time to showcase fine jewellery than the brighter summer months. Whether you’re being whisked away on a European city break, exploring exotic destinations or, like us, making the most of the London sun with a glass of prosecco in hand, summer is the perfect time to showcase your favourite jewellery.

We love seeing photos of our customers wearing their 77 Diamonds, take a look at some of our recently shared customer photos here.

77 Diamonds Engagement Ring

77 Diamonds Engagement Ring

77 Diamonds Engagement Ring


We want to see what 77 Diamonds YOU are wearing this summer!
Not only that, but we are giving you the chance to win a beautiful bracelet from the 77 collection in any metal you choose (white gold, yellow gold and rose gold), valued at over £800.

77 Diamonds Diamond Bracelet
Share a photo wearing your 77 Diamonds, tag us in it (@77diamonds) and use #77summergiveaway to be entered in the draw to win this diamond bracelet in your chosen metal type, valued at over £800.


To be in with a chance of winning this sparkly prize, simply share a photo of your 77 Diamonds jewellery on your preferred social channel, tag us (@77diamonds) and use the hashtag 77summercompetition. Facebook users can simply share their image with us in a comment on the competition post.

The competition is open until 31st July, and the winner will be announced on our page.







Terms and conditions

Competition open between 3rd-31st July. For your entry to be counted you must tag the brand in your photo, and use the hashtag in the text/caption. By entering the competition, you consent to your photo being shared on the brand social channels.

The prize consists of one Tea medi bracelet in your choice of white, rose or yellow gold. One winner will be chosen from across all social platforms. No cash or trade alternatives.

Happily Ever After: Altan & Holly

They started off as high-school sweethearts and their commitment to one another has stood the test of time. The couple are now planning a spring wedding which will take place next year. Today, we meet London-based couple Altan Riccardo, who works in Exports and Holly Barker, a Wedding Hair & Makeup artist.

Holly and Altan at the manor post proposal

Holly and Altan at the manor post proposal

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Happily Ever After: Taf & Temi

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite the hurdles and hiccups along the way, this is their happily ever after. Meet some newly engaged couples, basking in a state of romantic bliss. These loved up pairs have been kind enough to share their proposal stories with 77 World.

Today, we meet Taf Alabi, a Creative Director from London and Temi Bamgbade, an Operations Manager based in Kent, who will be tying the knot in November.


Taf proposed to Temi overlooking London Bridge

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What proposal traditions have stood the test of time?


The sentiment is the same but around the world and from couple to couple, proposing can be very different. The act of proposing marriage has been around for a long long time and still today many of the steps involved are based on long standing traditions. In Kenya if the bride’s family accepts the grooms beads, they’re engaged. In Scandinavia both the soon to be bride and groom wear rings upon engagement and in Ireland every leap year it’s the woman’s chance to pop the question.

Before you ask…

So you’ve decided to propose? Well that’s the best because you’re in love and happy and you’re most likely thinking about how to make this proposal perfect. Your soon to be fiance is the key to this. It really all depends on your relationship and who you are as a couple. If something big, public and showy isn’t your thing that’s more than okay. Make your uniqueness all a part of the proposal. It’s a big moment and will sure to be one that you both remember. If you’re quite a traditional couple, it can be sweet to ask your future in-laws permission before you pop the question. It is a sign of honour and respect in many societies and is a tradition that dates back to the early days of marriage. It’s now a key part of many peoples proposal stories and is a lovely way to tie the bride’s family into the occasion. But of course, this is all circumstantial – what do you think she would love? Are you close to her family? Would your bride think that this is an outdated tradition? Trust your gut and get on to planning the perfect proposal.

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Engagement Jewellery Designed By Sophie Lomax

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 10.52.54

Inspired by history and contemporary culture, Sophie Lomax is the Head of Design at 77 Diamonds. We sat down to chat with her about how she started, what she loves about diamonds and what it’s like creating heirlooms. A multi-award winning designer, she has worked at Graff and De Beers before starting to lend 77 Diamonds her talents.

How did you first begin designing engagement jewellery?

I’ve always wanted to work with fine jewellery, I just think it’s so beautiful. My grandmother always had beautiful jewellery in her jewellery box. I think gold and diamonds are timeless and really make pieces into heirlooms. I’ve inherited jewellery from my grandmothers, I love that diamonds aren’t trend lead. Diamond jewellery is designed and made for a lifetime so it’s my favorite thing to work on. I’ve been designing jewellery since I started making friendship bracelets at six and then moved into making more proper jewellery and started selling it at school fairs.

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Happily Ever After: Rena & Shahid

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite the hurdles and hiccups along the way, this is their happily ever after. Meet some newly engaged couples, basking in a state of romantic bliss. These loved up pairs have been kind enough to share their proposal stories with 77 World.

Today, we meet Rena El-Hajj Ibrahim and Shahid Mahmood from Denmark, who are all set to tie the knot this summer.

Rena and Shahid were engaged last year

Rena and Shahid were engaged last year

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Engagement Ring Inspiration – Elizabeth Krupps Diamond


Engagement Ring Inspiration

Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond

Is there anyone as quintessentially glamorous as Elizabeth Taylor? Out of all the women in the world, no one wore diamonds quite like her. As diamond rings are so synonymous with love and devotion it is only natural that this diamond in particular is linked to one of the most enduring and affecting love stories of Hollywood.

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What Should You Spend On Her Engagement Ring?

Engagement ring

Reading time: 5 Minutes 

The rules of engagement

What should you spend on her engagement ring?

Once you’ve decided to propose, the next question you’ve got to ask is one you need to answer. How much should I spend on an engagement ring? There are no rules set in stone but it is one of the most debated discussions when it comes to diamonds. It seems like there are mountains of myths from how many months salary you should spend to the significance of carat size. But, there really is no right answer. It can seem a bit retro to put stringent rules around something that at its heart is a truly sentimental and personal

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How to secretly find her ring size

Alright men, so you’ve finally decided the time is right to pop the question. You’ve picked out the engagement ring, you have the perfect proposal planned out, but one thing is standing in your way: You don’t know her ring size. Well don’t fret because 77Diamonds.com is here with a list of tips to help you secretly find your future fiance’s ring size to complete the perfect surprise proposal.

  1. Phone a friend: Get in touch with a friend or family member of your significant other. They may have bought her a ring as a gift before, or the topic of ring size could have popped up in conversation. If they don’t know then you can always recruit them as an accomplice. Have someone take her “window shopping” for a ring and get her to see what her ring size is for “fun”.
  2. “Borrow a ring”: If you can get your hands on a ring that your girlfriend wears you can take it to a jewellers and get it measured. However, in order to get an accurate measurement you’ll need to be sure that the ring actually fits her properly and it is worn on the correct finger (left ring finger), as all fingers are different sizes. If she does not wear a ring on that finger you can settle for an estimated measurement for another finger, but beware the ring will most likely need to be resized.
  3. When the ring can’t leave the home: Say you are unable to take her ring to a jeweller without her noticing it’s missing, there are several ways you can estimate the size without taking the ring out of the home. For one, you can try the ring on yourself and mark on your finger where it falls. Then you can go to a jeweller and have them find the size that falls in the same place. Also, you can make an impression of her ring in a bar of soap or clay and take it in for measurement. One last way is to trace the inside of her ring with a pencil and have a jeweller match the size.
  4. Sleeping Beauty: While your girlfriend blissfully slumbers, unaware of what you have planned you can wrap a piece of paper or string around her ring finger and mark the size that way. If you bring this in to a jeweller they can help you to find a measurement. Just make sure she’s not a light sleeper.
  5. When in doubt: Size up! A ring is easier to resize if it is too big, and most jewellers offer free resizing. Just note that thin bands or those which are intricately covered in gems might not be able to be resized. Make sure you check with your jeweller if the ring is resizable. Also, if you’re guessing her ring size it’s important to know that rings which have a thick band will need to be larger than her normal rings.
  6. Tell her it’s for someone else: You may be able to get her to divulge her ring size by telling her you want to buy a ring for your sister or mother. Tell her you want to get an estimated size for someone else and either ask her to try on a ring or ask her outright what her size is. Beware though; this method could be a dead giveaway if not done right.

Using these one of these tips you should be able to get a fairly accurate measurement of her ring size and be well on the way to spending the rest of your life with the woman of your dreams. Just remember to keep in mind these important points: 1) You need to find the size of her left ring finger. Rings worn on any other finger aren’t likely to give an accurate measurement. 2) When in doubt size up because it’s easier to resize down. 3) Make sure the engagement ring is resizable.

Good luck fellas!