Made to order... You order, we make... Just for you!

Made to order… You order, we make… Just for you!

At 77 Diamonds, we understand the importance of an engagement ring and the meaning behind such a gesture to both the person that give the ring and the person that relieves the ring. This is the reason why we make every one of our rings to order based on the specifications of the purchaser.

1. A ring design is unique to the person wearing the ring, it is there to represent the styles and tastes of the wearer but chosen by the person they hold so dear.

2. The diamond is the life of the ring, it symbolises the love and fire of the relationship that is cemented with the giving of such a beautiful natural gift.

3. You can view images and videos of all our ring styles or better yet, come visit us and see them first hand to help make your decision.

4. Produced in our London, our rings are handcrafted especially for you to make your proposal a precious and unique one.

5. Whether you’re collecting it, or it’s being shipped nationally or internationally, our rings will be ready and waiting for you for when you need them.

For more information about our ordering process or how to make our rings, contact us at [email protected]


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