How to (discreetly) find out his or her ring size!

How to (discreetly) find out his or her ring size!

At 77 Diamonds, we understand the element of surprise and know that getting engagement rings to fit perfectly can be a very difficult task. Here are some guides to help you get the perfect ring size for your boyfriend or girlfriend:

Suggestion 1: Are they asleep?!

1. Your beloved has drifted off and you take the opportunity to measure their finger… Don’t have a tape measure or string? We know you’ll have one of these:

Carefully and gently wrap the headphones around the finger making note where the two ends meet to get a more accurate ring size.

2. Now that you’ve done that, using a regular ruler, measure the two points in order to get the millimetre size of the finger circumference.

3. Once you’ve got the millimetre size check out our size chart to correlate the ring circumference with the appropriate ring size.

Click here for RING SIZE CHART

4. Go to our website or call us on 0203 -540 – 1477  to order your ring!

5. Propose!

6. Voilà! There you have it, you have the perfect ring size!

Suggestion 2: Do they wear other rings?!

1. More often than not our partners may wear other pieces of jewellery, in particular on their ring finger on their right hand. If this is the case, can you borrow it temporarily?

2. How long can you steal it for? You have a few options here:

  • Trace it and take it to a local jewellers.
  • Measure the diameter using a rule and then Click here for RING SIZE CHART.
  • Take the ring to a local jeweller to check the size!

Suggestion 3:

Still unable to do any of the above? Then do not worry, sometimes unless you are measuring the persons finger in person it is impossible to check the size, so order our STANDARD SIZE – when hitting the checkout select “I Don’t Know” from the drop down menu.

We will then produce the ring slightly larger than the industry average size so that for the purpose of proposing the ring will fit… Then once the deed has been done, you can pop into our showroom to size up the finger correctly, or you can send the ring to us and we will resize it FREE OF CHARGE!

For any further information regarding ring sizing, or to order a free ring sizer from us, please get in touch at



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