Happily Ever After: Francesco & Sara

Happily Ever After: Francesco & Sara

It was a magical autumn proposal in the Italian countryside, with a sunset of a lifetime. Francesco pulled out all the stops to make the occasion memorable for Sara. It was a fly-me-to-the-moon kind of moment for the couple when Francesco proposed in true fairy-tale fashion. Francesco and Sara met in London and are now both based in Rome working as marketing managers. Here is their story.

77 diamonds engagement ring

The couple in post-proposal bliss, Sara is seen wearing her 77 Diamonds engagement ring

First meeting

The couple met seven years ago while working in the same office for a leading confectionery business in London and for Francesco, it was love at first sight. “From the moment I saw her, I had already fallen in love with Sara’s incredible smile,” Francesco beams.

She’s the one

“I would like to tell my future bride that the moment I realised she was the woman of my life was when I had fallen ill with a bad cough and sore throat. I had to take a flight despite being ill. When I boarded the flight, I realised I had left my Strepsils in my checked-in luggage. With a relinquished spirit I put my hands in my jacket’s pocket, and with great surprise realised that Sara had secretly stashed a bunch of Strepsils in both my pockets,” Francesco recalls with a smile.

“Sara’s capacity to be able to completely understand me and anticipate my needs and vice versa is one of the many reasons why I know she is the one I want to marry. I believe that a common perspective on life is the foundation of a happy marriage.”

engagement story

The villa where Francesco proposed, the unforgettable sunset which marked the occasion, the grand hall in which the proposal took place and the couple enjoying being newly engaged

The proposal

Francesco had arranged a relaxing long weekend in late October at a stunning 17th century Italian villa called Villa Matilde tucked away in the Piedmont countryside, in Northwest Italy. The couple had visited the villa over the years and it was there that they had listened to their song together for the first time, Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon.

Once they arrived at the villa, Francesco had arranged for a massage treatment in the spa for them to unwind and prepare for the surprise evening ahead. They were then fortunate enough to witness an incredible sunset as they headed for dinner. After they finished their meals, they headed to the grand hall to enjoy some quiet time together in front of the fireplace.

“This is where we found the musician that I secretly hired, posing as a guest reading a book and sitting on one of the sofas. Once we settled down, I said to Sara how wonderful it would be if we could listen to some Frank Sinatra and at that point the musician closed his book, stood up, grabbed a hidden guitar and proceeded to to sing Fly Me To the Moon. This came as a complete shock to Sara, who I invited for a dance in the grand hall surrounded by beautiful frescoes. At the end of the song, I went down on one knee and the rest is history,” Francesco shares.

Delicacy diamond engagement ring

Francesco selected the Delicacy engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond by 77 Diamonds

The engagement ring

Francesco chose the Delicacy engagement ring by 77 Diamonds. “I loved the simple but at the same time, statement look of the ring. When I went down on one knee and opened the box, I must say that just by looking at my girlfriend’s expression it was clear that it was love at first sight,” he says.

The wedding

The wedding will take place in September this year in the lovely Italian Riviera town of Alassio. “The venue is set in a lush garden on the hills overlooking the sea, where  we will be surrounded by family and friends on this very special occasion,” share the couple.

Congratulations Francesco and Sara, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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