Forget Gold, Silver and Bronze... It’s Yellow, White and Rose!

Forget Gold, Silver and Bronze… It’s Yellow, White and Rose!

The Seventy Seven Diamonds office has a confession to make… We have been watching far too much television! In particular, our obsession with people from all over the world adorning new gold, silver and bronze accessories has led us to become obsessed with one of our new ring designs… The Trilogie d’or!

This beautiful interlocking piece of jewellery is composed of 3 rings; one in each yellow, white and rose gold with a total carat weight of 0.66ct which is approximately 168 diamonds! The girls in our London offices have been holding their own set of competitions as who deserves to win the prize of wearing this stunning ring… You can see from the pictures that it’s not only the ring that the runner up prize was just as delicious!

If you require any more information on the Trilogie d’or or wish to purchase the perfect compliment to Summer then please do contact our sales team on:


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