Discover the Eden collection with Sophie Lomax - Head of design

Behind the Eden collection with Sophie Lomax – Head of design

The eden collection

With the arrival of our new sustainable collection Eden, we caught up with 77 Diamonds award winning Head of Design, Sophie Lomax to hear about what inspired her.

As a jewellery brand, why is sustainability important?

The Eden Collection celebrates 77 Diamonds’ first steps to create more sustainable and ethical jewellery, inspiring a generation.
Historically, the industry has often not been considered ethical and some elements of sourcing and creating jewellery have not been sustainable, however, with the Kimberley Process guaranteeing conflict-free diamonds, recycled metals becoming more easily accessible, and companies like Gemfields mining gemstones fairly, the industry is currently facing this head on – I believe it is important to create a long term positive impact on the world around us.

What makes the Eden collection sustainable?

77 Diamonds jewellery is created using the most sustainable practices possible and all of the diamonds we source are 100% conflict free. In addition, for the Eden collection, we have chosen to work with Gemfields, a highly trusted supplier of responsibly-sourced coloured gemstones. The company specialises in ethical practices when mining their gemstones alongside creating a range of initiatives, aiming to create a long-term positive impact for local communities.

Creating beautiful sustainable pieces with Gemfields Emerald and Ruby stones, set on recycled fine metals, Eden is a socially conscious collection that gives you peace of mind when purchasing.

The Eden collection

Eden is a sustainable collection using recycled fine metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

What was your inspiration behind the look of the collection?

I wanted to create positive jewellery for a positive lifestyle. Very wearable pieces that canĀ  enjoyed everyday, to compliment and be worn alongside existing jewellery. Being a collection concerned with the sustainability of the earth, I originally took inspiration from spherical forms, which are the most frequently occurring shape in the natural world. From solar systems to water droplets, I wanted to put a modern and geometric spin on an organic shape.

Diamond engagement rings

Which is your favourite piece from the new collection?

My favourite piece of the Eden collection is the Coin Pendant which I wear in recycled 18k yellow gold, with delicate Gemfield emeralds and an engraving of my initials. I wear it every day as it goes with every outfit and I layer it with my Lumina solitaire pendant.

Diamond necklace

The engraved element of the piece adds to the sentimentality and I see this piece as a future heirloom. All of the Eden Coin pendants and bracelets can come engraved with your own message, making them the perfect piece to celebrate special moments in the journey of your life.

Discover the Eden collection here


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