6th January... Whether you call it the Epiphany or the Day of the Kings... There can always be

6th January… Whether you call it the Epiphany or the Day of the Kings… There can always be diamonds!

The 6th January is traditional referred to as the Epiphany, celebrated as the ending of the festive period when the three wise men reached the Bethlehem to give gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the new born Jesus thus ending 12 days from 25th December, Christmas day.

Although at Seventy Seven Diamonds, we’ve got no frankincense or myrrh, we are not short of gold or diamonds for that matter, so today we revisit our 12 Days of Christmas to celebrate the end of the festive period.

On the twelve day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

12 Thousand Pounds of Diamonds

$11 Million Dollar Diamond

10 Shapes of Diamonds

9 Eternity Rings

8 Designer Pendants

7 Diamond Bracelets

6 Songs of Diamonds

5 Gold Rings

4 Necklaces

3 Colours


and a 1 Carat Engagement Ring

We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and had a wonderful time with family and friend.

If you require any information about any of the items featured in our 12 Days of Christmas then do get in touch at: sales@77diamonds.com


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