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Vigselringar i vitt guld

En förlovningsring passar utmärkt i skimrande vitt guld, då den ljusa metallen reflekterar ljuset och dessutom kompletterar den naturliga briljansen hos diamanter.

White gold is a popular choice for wedding bands as it offers a clean and classic look. Due to its reflective quality, it complements the brightness of diamonds and will sit well next to a diamond engagement ring or eternity design.

Gold isn’t naturally white, for this reason it must be plated with an extremely rare silvery-white metal called rhodium. Gold in its purest form (24k) is also malleable and prone to significant wear and scuffing after years of use. To prevent this, pure gold is alloyed with other white metals to increase durability.

Why Choose White Gold?

With a clear-white appearance and cool hue, white gold is a favourite among those who look for durability and versatility in their jewellery. Suitable for both men and women, the cool tone of this precious metal balances out pink undertones in pale skin and stands out beautifully against darker tones. White gold can also be paired with other metals such as yellow gold for a contemporary look.

You will wear your wedding band daily, so it’s best to choose it in 18-karat gold, for an ideal balance of hardness and quality. Our white gold rings contain 75% pure gold alloyed with around 12% Palladium and 13% Silver, which significantly reduces scuff marks and scratches.

Depending on the wear of the ring, a rhodium plating can rub down after one to two years and reveal a slight yellow hue. Most don’t mind this as it gives the ring a vintage appeal. However, our expert jewellers are able to replate your ring and restore it back to its original, bright white colour.

Although white gold, platinum and palladium all share the same reflective sheen, white gold is usually the most affordable option as it is more lightweight.

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