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Skapa din förlovningsrings framtida partner, med handtillverkade vigselringar i ditt val av stil, djup och bredd, för en unik ring du inte hittar någon annanstans.

With its soft pink hue and unmistakable glow, a rose gold wedding ring is the quintessential romantic symbol to be worn on your special day and cherished for a lifetime. To achieve the pink colour of our rings, pure gold is alloyed with a combination of copper and silver, making these rings particularly resistant to wear.

Varför välja roséguld?

Rose gold has a distinctly vintage style, and will stand out when combined with other metals or jewellery designs. This precious metal first made an appearance in the early 19th century in Imperial Russia, when it was used by the Czar’s jeweller Carl Fabergé to create the now famous Fabergé Eggs.

Going in and out of style throughout the 20th century, rose gold has now established itself as a fashionable and well-liked metal for wedding bands. The soft pink glow of rose gold is a perfect match to most skin tones, however, we do recommend it be avoided for those who already have strong pink undertones.

Due to the nature of the alloys contained in the metal, our 18-karat rose gold rings offer a glowing pink colour while also being very durable and resistant to wear. The very colour of rose gold helps intensify the clear white of diamonds, making it a good option when paired with an engagement ring.

Depending on your personal taste and preference, you can choose to either have your wedding ring match the colour of your engagement ring, or have a mix of metals for a touch of intriguing variety.

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