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Vigselringar i gult guld

En vigselring i gult guld är en tidlös symbol för kärlek och tillgivenhet, med en klassisk vintagekänsla som samtidigt bjuder på en distinkt värme och lyster.

A yellow gold wedding ring is an all-time classic. Simple but elegant, the warm glow of this precious metal is rarely matched, making it a fitting choice for both men and women.

Pure 24-karat gold is naturally soft, and can easily bend and dent. To strengthen the metal, our 18-karat gold rings are alloyed with a combination of palladium and copper, ensuring better durability without losing the natural colour and warmth of yellow gold.

Varför välja vitt guld?

A long-standing and century-old tradition, couples often choose to wear matching gold wedding bands to symbolise their eternal love and commitment. Yellow gold has a pleasant glow that complements many skin tones, and stands out beautifully against warmer or darker complexions.

18-karat yellow gold rings are very durable and less likely to tarnish over the years due to the high percentage of gold contained in the band. This makes our wedding rings ideal for daily wear. Gold wedding rings also do not need much aftercare. We recommend simply cleaning them every two to three months with washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt.

Yellow gold also offers great contrast when paired with a diamond engagement ring, as the sunny gold colour elegantly reveals the brightness of a diamond. Often, a wedding ring metal is chosen to match an engagement ring, however, many have taken to mixing metals to create more dimension.

Due to the nature of the alloys contained in the band, our yellow gold are on average slightly more affordable than other metal options.

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