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Gaia collectie

Door tijdloos design te combineren met organische vormen, is Gaia een viering van de aarde in al haar schoonheid. Zachte tinten groen, paars en blauw gaan naadloos samen met witte diamanten voor sieraden die onze oorsprong weerspiegelen.

Gaia: An Exploration Of Colour.

Gaia: An Exploration Of Colour.

Symbolising earth and mother to all living beings, Gaia is a powerful figure in Greek mythology. Through a selection of colourful jewels, we pay homage to the strength of nature—a formidable force, yet capable of creating the most delicate gems.

Dive into the rich harmony of natural gemstones, and explore the vibrant colours that compose this collection.


Aquamarine or Sapphire

Reminiscent of warm ocean water and crisp morning skies, blue is the colour of peace and serenity. Gaia presents a range of gems well-known for their blue tones: from the crystal-clear purity of aquamarine, to the deep-sea intensity of sapphires. Thanks to their range of colours, blue gems lend themselves to a wide selection of settings. The depth of sapphires pairs well with yellow gold, while lighter aquamarines shine in the presence of white metals and diamonds.


Tsavorite or Emerald

From deep forest floors to bright tropical leaves, luscious greens connect us to our roots and origins. In jewellery, green is often found in emeralds and tsavorite, two gems that come in a range of shades and hues. This colour pairs well with yellow gold settings, as warmer tones are generally complimentary to green-coloured gemstones. White metals, on the other hand, help give your jewellery fresh and contemporary style.



Mimicking the intensity of lavender fields or the delicate tint of wild raspberries, purple has often represented nobility and strength. Our Gaia collection introduces Tanzanite, a rare gem that can only be sourced in Tanzania. Known for its electrifying blue-purple shade, tanzanite lends itself well to both yellow or white gold settings, and is beautifully accented when placed next to white diamonds.

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Paloma Engagement Ring, Witgoud (18k) (Standaard)

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Standaard (Rond, 0.30, K, SI1)

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