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Celebrity Engagement Trends 2017

Celebrity engagements set the bar for ring trends across the world. The Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends Report 2017 surveys 100 of the highest-profile celebrity proposals to find their favourite engagement rings, diamond shapes, value, location and even time of year to pop the question.

UPDATE: Our Celebrity Engagement Rings 2018 audit is now live.



From 2013 to 2015, platinum was the trend among celebrities wanting to get hitched, but this changed to white gold in 2016, and to yellow gold in 2017. The oval cut diamond was a celebrity favourite in 2013 and 2014. Since then, emerald has been the fashionable go-to. While diamonds last forever, it seems metal and cut change with the times!


Cost per carat has changed dramatically since 2014. While both value and carat are on an upward trend, celebrities have been spending much more on diamond quality than in previous years. The average ring cost reached a whopping £1 million in 2016.



Athletes such as Rory McIlroy favour proposing in France, while musicians such as Justin Timberlake prefer the USA.


Most celebrities surveyed got engaged in either the summer or festive season, proving that heat and cheer make for engaged celebs! The data is also skewed by those celebs who venture to the southern hemisphere for an engagement, where summertime occurs during December and January.

Instagram Announcements

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian celebrated her engagement to Kanye West by sharing a photograph of her engagement ring, captioning the picture she posted on October 22nd 2013 with ‘YES!!!’. After closing a big deal with Adidas, her husband bought her larger replacement ring which was infamously stolen in Paris in late 2016. Luckily, she still has her first ring!

Julia Stiles

10 Things I Hate About You star Julia Stiles became fiancée to camera assistant Preston J. Cook over the festive period in 2016. Celebrating on the beach in Colombia, Julia captioned the pic featuring her round diamond on rose gold ring with, ‘Best Christmas Ever!’.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne only mentioned her manicure when she posted this pic on July 21st 2013, but it was obvious to her fans what the jewellery on her finger meant.
Her ring came from the chef Matthew Moss after two years of dating. Unfortunately, things weren’t meant to be and the couple parted ways less than a year later.



First timers are the patient ones, waiting on average 3 years before getting engaged. When both have been married before, the waiting before popping the question is 28 months. But when the proposer is entering a second marriage with a first timers, the wait drops to 14 months!


Celebrities marrying for the first time spend on average 0.39% of their net worth on the ring. While second timers tend to go all out and spend an eye watering £2,746,983.33 on finding the perfect stone.


£489k is the tidy average sum spent on an engagement ring for celebs still married in 2017. While those celebs no longer together spent a jaw-dropping £821k on their precious ring, proving that money can’t buy you love!

By looking at the average net worth of celebrities getting engaged, we found that you’d need a minimum of £281k to be eligible for appearing in our data.

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