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Anillos de boda de paladio

Con un color claro y blanco que se mantiene con el paso de los años, una alianza de paladio complementará el brillo de los diamantes de su anillo de compromiso.

Paladio (950)
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Similar to platinum, palladium wedding rings hold a beautiful silvery-white sheen and are extremely strong and durable. Less common in rings, palladium is a highly rare and precious metal that is ideal for simple jewellery designs.

Why Choose Palladium?

Palladium is part of the Platinum Group Metals on the periodic table, hence its close similarity to platinum. Palladium is less well-known and is considered a contemporary metal in the jewellery industry, making its price fluctuate due to growing popularity.

Palladium offers the same benefits as platinum while being slightly harder, for extra durability. This precious metal is ideal for daily wear and will never tarnish nor lose its white colour.

It is also worth noting that a palladium ring is less dense than platinum and therefore lighter. If you do not enjoy the feel of a heavy ring but still wish to own a low maintenance and durable metal, we would recommend you try a palladium ring.

Just like a platinum wedding band, palladium will develop a sheen over the years called a patina. This is completely normal and something that is well-liked by customers. However, you can always remove the patina from your palladium ring by bringing it into our showrooms to be polished professionally.

A great option for those with sensitive skin, our palladium wedding rings are completely hypoallergenic and the white colour of this metal will suit all skin types.

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