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Разработать идеальный символ длительной любви и приверженности. Выберите заниженную элегантность классической свадебной группы или добавьте прикосновение блеска через наши дизайны с бриллиантами.

Мужские свадебные кольца

Алмазные кольца для мужчин объединяют длительный блеск с прикосновением к утонченности. Выберите набор алмазов или выберите один, центральный драгоценный камень для привлекательного стиля.

Алмазные кольца для мужчин объединяют длительный блеск с прикосновением к утонченности. Выберите набор алмазов или выберите один, центральный драгоценный камень для привлекательного стиля.

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Классика Мужские обручальные кольца с бриллиантами Clear All

Choosing your wedding ring is an exciting step when preparing for your special day. More than a simple jewellery piece, these are items you will keep for a lifetime. They symbolise a unique, loving bond shared with your partner – it’s only natural to make your rings as special as can be.

The Perfect Fit

As you’ll be wearing your wedding ring every day, it’s important to choose a design that fits both your style and finger size. At 77 Diamonds, we offer a selection of ring profiles that range from the classic to the contemporary. Our ‘traditional’ fit is a can’t-go-wrong classic, with its rounded profile allowing for greater wearability and comfort. Other designs, such as our signature 1477 Court, offer a contemporary look through a flat surface band.

Once you’re settled on a profile, you will then need to consider your ring width and depth. The most popular width for men is around 5mm to 7mm. Generally, it is best to select a depth and a width that will complement your finger size. Slender hands will suit a thinner band, and larger hands will typically suit wider, heavier rings. There are no set rules, however, and you can choose any width you like, provided it is available in your ring size.

Precious Metal Colours

Choosing a metal colour largely depends on personal preference. It’s best to consider what metal will complement your skin tone, and whether you’d like your ring to match your partner’s.

If you like a classic finish, yellow gold would be your best option. It’s the traditional metal for wedding rings, and will offer a warm glow that complements a wide range of skin tones. You’ll find our designs set in 18k yellow gold, for the perfect balance of colour and durability.

A more contemporary choice, the bright sheen of white gold, platinum or palladium has steadily become a popular choice. White metals complement any skin tone, and are durable enough to be worn for a lifetime.

Rose gold, however, is a rarer choice when it comes to men’s wedding rings, yet holds a unique warmth that can be matched to your partner’s ring. We recommend rose gold particularly for warm and olive skin tones.

Platinum & White Gold: What’s the Difference?

White gold and platinum seem almost identical, so what makes them so different? There is no wrong choice when choosing either, as both metals have a beautiful clear-white sheen and are very durable.

The main difference lies in their composition. To achieve its colour, white gold needs to be coated in a rare metal called rhodium, as gold is naturally yellow. Platinum, on the other hand, is naturally white, and doesn’t need any coating.

For this reason, you may need to replate your white gold ring after a few years if you find the yellow colour too visible. A platinum ring may also need some upkeep, as it can develop small surface scratches known as ‘patina’. Both metals can be restored to their original sheen through our professional Clean & Polish service.

Engraving & Finishes

Having your wedding ring engraved with a personal message is one way to celebrate the love you share with your partner. These engravings are like secret messages, and are worth considering for a one-of-a-kind ring. You can add an engraving directly on our website, and select your design from a range of fonts and symbols. We suggest you add an engraving only if you are certain you have the correct ring size, as engraved rings cannot be returned.

You can also add a metal finish to your ring, for a distinctive style. We offer a range of finishes, the most popular being the brushed, hammered and satin effect. You can contact our team of experts for more details on engraving and finishes.

Matching Wedding Rings

Having your wedding ring match your partner’s will further symbolise your commitment to one another, and reveal how connected you are. If you want to keep it traditional, you can always choose matching wedding rings in yellow gold. However, if you are looking to get creative, there are a range of designs, finishes, and diamond-set pieces you can choose from – some couples even like to create themed wedding rings that reveal their personality. You can choose to create your own wedding rings by reaching out to our bespoke designers.


When did men start wearing wedding rings?

The round, infinite circle of a ring is one of the oldest symbols in the world, and represents an eternal bond shared between two people. The tradition of wearing rings as a token of lasting companionship dates back to ancient Egypt, where men and women were thought to wear braided rings made out of hemp and reeds. It was believed there existed a vein in the fourth finger that connected straight to the heart, the ‘Vena Amoris’, and could explain why we wear rings on the fourth finger today.

How do I measure my ring size?

Getting the right ring size is crucial: an incorrect size will be at best bothersome, at worst, totally uncomfortable. For this reason, it’s best to have your ring size professionally measured at one of our showrooms. If that isn’t possible, there are a range of at-home sizing options available. To learn more, simply consult our sizing guide.

How should I care for my ring?

We recommend cleaning classic wedding rings once a month, and diamond-set rings once every two weeks. If you carry out a lot of household tasks, do outdoor activities, or handle a lot of products day-to-day, you’ll need to clean your ring more often to prevent residue build-up.

How to clean your wedding ring:

  1. Налейте в небольшую миску мыльный раствор с невысокой концентрацией. Лучше всего использовать мягкое средство для мытья посуды.
  2. Поместите кольцо в миску и выждите 15 минут. За это время должны застарелые загрязнения должны размягчиться.
  3. Убедитесь, что слив в раковине закрыт, затем ополосните кольцо струей теплой воды.
  4. Удалите оставшуюся грязь мягкой чистой зубной щеткой. Для чистки ювелирных изделий мы рекомендуем использовать отдельную зубную щетку.
  5. Вытрите кольцо хлопчатобумажной тканью без ворса. Перед тем, как надеть кольцо, дайте ему просохнуть в течение получаса.
  6. Не используйте бумажные полотенца или агрессивные химикаты, такие как отбеливатель и чистящие средства для ювелирных изделий. Они могут повредить поверхность кольца.Приобретя кольца у 77 Diamonds, вы получаете право на бесплатную услугу ультразвуковой чистки. Мы рекомендуем проводить такую чистку один-два раза в год.

Can you help me find a wedding ring?

Our team of jewellery specialists will be more than happy to help find the perfect rings for your wedding day. By booking an appointment, you can discuss your ring preferences one-to-one with a specialist, who will then suggest a selection of designs depending on your needs. Our team can also help you and your partner find the correct ring size.

Can’t get to a showroom? You can also contact our experts via live chat, or by phone.

Can men’s wedding rings be resized?

Getting the perfect ring size can sometimes be tricky. This is why we can resize your rings for free if you send them back to us in under 30 days. Please note, ring resizes involve a certain level of technique and craft, and you may receive your new rings after 6 weeks. This is why we suggest you order your rings in the correct size, that way you won’t have to worry about sending them back.

There are a number of ways to find your correct ring size. To learn more, please visit our ring size guide.

What is the best material for men’s wedding rings?

This largely depends on what is most important to you when choosing a ring. If you often do manual work, and plan to wear your ring every day, it would be best to choose a metal that is resistant to wear and less prone to losing its colour. We would therefore recommend either a yellow gold, platinum or palladium ring. If you like the feel of a heavy ring, choosing platinum can be a worthwhile option as it is a very dense metal. For further information, feel free to contact our jewellery specialists.

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