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Zaprojektuj idealny symbol trwałej miłości i zaangażowania. Wybierz zanurzoną elegancję klasycznego zespołu ślubnego lub dodaj odrobinę blasku przez nasze projekty diamentowe.

Men's Engagement Rings

Złóż obietnicę — po swojemu. Wybierz z naszej oferty pierścionków zaręczynowych wysadzanych diamentami, specjalnie zaprojektowanych dla mężczyzn.

Złóż obietnicę — po swojemu. Wybierz z naszej oferty pierścionków zaręczynowych wysadzanych diamentami, specjalnie zaprojektowanych dla mężczyzn.

Who said diamonds can’t also be a man’s best friend? Creating a ring that symbolises your union is both meaningful and precious. Above all, it’s a reflection of your love. Delve into our selection of men’s engagement rings, and design your unique ring with the help of experts.

How To Style a Diamond Ring

A diamond engagement ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. It is said the Romans believed a vein in this finger led straight to the heart. However, you can also wear your ring on the right hand if it’s more comfortable. Rings for men tend to be wider, so some prefer wearing their engagement ring and wedding band separately.

Depending on your style, you can choose to combine your engagement ring with other jewellery items, such as gold pendants, or chain bracelets. These small additions will complement your ring design, and create a style that matches your personality.

Pick Your Design

Our selection offers both subtle diamond-set rings, and large statement pieces. If you are looking for a classic finish with a hint of diamond brilliance, we recommend either our Jacob, Augustus, or Zeus rings. All three feature subtle diamond accents that will blend effortlessly within a classic, sophisticated look.

However, if you would like your engagement ring to feature a larger solitaire diamond, you can opt for either our Astor and Morgan designs. Both these rings are made-to-order, which means you are free to choose any diamond size you prefer, and have your ring set by hand in the 77 Diamonds workshop.

Choose a Metal

It’s always best to choose a metal that complements your skin tone. The warm glow of yellow gold will lift a pale complexion, while white metals such as platinum and white gold are best matched to fair skin with pink undertones. Olive and darker skin tones can carry off any metal, particularly yellow and rose gold. In terms of durability, platinum would be your best option as it will only need to be polished every so often to retain its beautiful white sheen.

The Perfect Fit

If you plan to wear your ring daily, it’s important you get the most comfortable fit. Ring size is much like shoe size: it needs to be quite exact so that your ring doesn’t bother you throughout the day. We recommend you visit one of our showrooms to have your ring size professionally measured by jewellery experts. If that is not possible, there are a range of at-home methods to measure ring size.

And if you are still unsure: that’s completely fine. You can opt to ‘decide later’ on ring size, and we will send your design in a standard size for men. You then have 30 days to return your item to us for a complimentary resize if it doesn’t fit.

Gemstone Engagement Rings For Men

A diamond solitaire ring will forever stand out through its clean and classic appeal. But you don’t always have to settle with a diamond to make your ring a special promise of love and commitment. Your story is unique, and your ring needs to reflect that.

For this reason, you can opt for a touch of colour by having your ring set with gemstones. At 77 Diamonds, we offer a range of coloured gemstones, all with unique attributes. The most common choices for engagement rings are sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, but you are free to contact us if you would like your item set with a specific gem. For further information on what gemstones symbolise, please read our helpful guide.

77 Bespoke

If you are looking for something a little different, or wish to design a matching ring set with your partner, please share your ideas with our bespoke team. Creating a bespoke ring is a collaboration between you and the designer, and makes for a most precious and unique token of love.


Do men wear engagement rings?

Of course! There is no reason that, as a man, you should shy away from wearing any sort of jewellery, if that’s what you want. An engagement ring is a symbol of love, and a promise of respect and commitment shared between you and your partner. Having a jewellery piece symbolise such a special union is one way to remind you what’s most important in life. And anyway, it’s a long held tradition – engagement and promise rings have been worn throughout history by both men and women, dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

What finger do men's engagement rings go on?

Men’s engagement rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, just like women’s engagement rings. The fourth finger is also where you traditionally place your wedding ring. Due men’s rings being slightly larger, you may be unable to wear both your engagement ring and wedding band side by side. In the end, your ring placement really depends on personal preference, and what feels most comfortable to you.

What’s the difference between white gold or platinum?

Both white gold and platinum are excellent metals, and there is no wrong choice in purchasing either. In terms of colour, white gold and platinum are virtually identical, and both are intensely bright. Both are also very sturdy and durable, with platinum being slightly stronger and less likely to bend. White gold, on the other hand, is slightly less expensive compared to platinum. However, you may need to replate a white gold ring every two years, as its rhodium plating can wear off. A platinum ring will sometimes need to be polished to remove any surface imperfections (known as 'patina'), but won’t change its colour.

When should I wear my engagement ring?

Your engagement ring is something that is completely personal to you, so it’s only natural you should be able to wear it whenever and however you want. Most people like to wear their engagement ring every day, just like a wedding ring. Diamonds rings have the added benefit of being durable and very resistant. However, you should remember to remove your ring from time to time, especially when doing manual labour, as you risk damaging the metal and any diamonds or gemstones set into the band.

How should I clean my engagement ring?

Our team recommends cleaning your engagement ring approximately every two weeks. If you carry out a lot of household tasks, do outdoor activities, or handle a lot of products day-to-day, you’ll need to clean your ring more often to prevent the build-up of residue.

Jak czyścić pierścionek zaręczynowy:

  1. Wypełnij małą miskę ciepłą wodą i małym mydłem. Niektóre delikatne mydło do naczyń jest idealne.
  2. Umieść pierścionek w misce i pozostaw go do moczenia przez 15 minut. Spowoduje to rozluźnienie nagromadzenia pozostałości.
  3. Upewnij się, że spust zlewem jest objęty, a następnie wypłukać pierścień pod ciepłą wodą.
  4. Użyj miękkiej, czystej szczoteczki do zębów, aby usunąć pozostały brud. Zalecamy korzystanie z tej szczoteczki do zębów wyłącznie do czyszczenia biżuterii.
  5. Użyj wolnej szmatki bawełnianej, aby wysuszyć pierścień. Pozwól, aby powietrze wyschło przez pół godziny przed noszeniem go ponownie.
  6. Unikaj używania ręczników papierowych lub surowych chemikaliów, takich jak wybielacze i komercyjne odkurzacze biżuterii. Mogą uszkodzić pierścień.Jeśli kupisz pierścień zaręczynowy z 77 Diamonds, możesz odwiedzić nas na bezpłatną usługę czyszczenia ultradźwiękowego. Zalecamy to raz lub dwa razy w roku.

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