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Diamond Hoops Kolczyki.

Unikalne wzory, aby pożyczyć stylowy stylowy flair, wybierają proste kolczyki diamentowe lub kolczyki, które są bez wysiłku ze szafą.

Appearing in many ancient cultures across Africa and Asia, hoop earrings have long been a symbol of independence and empowerment. Although these earrings come in a wide range of sizes and styles, diamond set designs are relatively modern. As light reflects through a diamond hoop earring, it creates mesmerising fire and sparkle that accentuates your outfit and frames your face in a lustrous glow.

Our designers aim to create versatile pieces that can be worn daily. For this reason, our diamond hoop earrings combine effortless elegance with a delicate touch of sparkle. A staple in anyone’s collection, these brilliant jewels will soon become your go-to item for an evening out or simple everyday wear.

For a classic look, opt for the clean shape of simple hoops, or choose our more elaborate designs to add that little something extra to your collection. The curved outline of some of our pieces mimics the soft patterns of vintage jewellery, while still holding a contemporary touch. Our selection of diamond hoop earrings can also be matched with a range of diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets from similar collections and vintage styles.

Feel you have the perfect hoop earrings in mind? You can alter existing designs through our bespoke service to create the ideal fit. Whether you wish to change a design, adjust diamond sizes or add some colourful gemstones, our experts are on hand to help make your vision reality.

Wybór przedmiotu

Mayfair Hoops, Białe złoto (18k) (Domyślna)

zł 10 300,18

Łączna suma

zł 12 669,22

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