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Diamentowe pierścienie koktajlowe.

Odkryj Sheer Glamour w wyborze błyszczących pierścieni koktajlowych, wykonanych w domu przez nasz zespół ekspertów projektantów biżuterii.

Graceful, intricate, flamboyant — cocktail rings are masters at catching the eye, especially when set with glittering diamonds. First worn in the 1920s, cocktail rings were a testament to women’s new-found freedom to wear colourful and outlandish jewels. The glamour and exuberance of this decade thus revealed new forms of design, and statement rings came to the fore at cocktail parties.

Cocktail rings can be worn on any finger, although are best avoided on the fourth left hand finger, also known as the ring finger, usually reserved for engagement and wedding bands.

These stunning rings come in a variety of designs and offer a brilliant accent to your evening wear. From pavé settings to intricate displays of diamond brilliance, cocktail rings can also be used for a sparkling addition of colour when set with gemstones. If you enjoy the chunky look of jewellery stacks, these rings can also be layered or combined with eternity rings for a sparkling finish.

If you are looking for something more ornate, our lariat pieces offer all the grace and sophistication so particular to diamonds. Through voluptuous shapes that reflect light, these exquisite pieces lend a fiery finish to any evening wear.

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