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Полный drops

Бриллиантовые капли

Уникальный дизайн для придания особенного стиля. Выбирайте простые бриллиантовые пусеты или серьги с подвесками, которые легко сочетаются с вашим гардеробом.

Бриллиантовые капли Белое золото (18к)
Результаты - 16 товары

Whether you prefer subtle designs or bold statement jewellery, diamond drop earrings accentuate a diamond’s sparkle in an elegant finish. As you move, light travels through the drop’s facets to create a fiery dance of reflections that brighten your whole outfit.

Due to their versatility and wide range of designs, drop earrings let you showcase your jewellery on your own terms. From bold geometric drops to delicate earrings that display poise and balance, our jewellery designers have created a range of pieces fit for every taste and style.

If you are looking for something more versatile, you can also choose our adaptable drop earrings. These drops can be attached and removed from brilliant diamond hoops, depending on the style you wish to wear.

Feel you have the perfect drop earrings in mind? You can alter existing designs through our bespoke service to create the ideal fit. Whether you wish to change a design, adjust diamond sizes or add some colourful gemstones, our experts are on hand to help make your vision reality.

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Lucia, Белое золото (18к) (По умолчанию)

£ 988,87

Выбрано Бриллианты (без НДС)

По умолчанию (Круг, 0.30, K, SI2)
По умолчанию (Круг, 0.30, K, SI2)

£ 276,22 , £ 277,90

Общая сумма

(С учетом НДС)

£ 1 542,98

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